A world leader in access control solutions, Ubiquiti’s UniFi access control solutions have just become more powerful. Available from MiRO, Ubiquiti’s UniFi UA-Hub, UA-Card, UA-Lite, and UA-Pro offer new levels of improved user experience, ease of installation, and site scalability.

The UniFi Access Hub (UA-Hub) is a sophisticated, PoE-powered, single-door entry mechanism that also manages connected access readers. It comes with versatile interfaces, including support for most electric bolts and strikes, magnetic locks, and 12V access accessories such as motion sensors, pushbuttons, and alarms.

The three Ethernet PoE-powered reader interfaces minimise the need for wiring work and offer a convenient way to add an UniFi G3-Flex surveillance camera for additional security. The UA-Hub is powered by an 802.3bt (PoE++) switch and there are three 802.3af PoE ports for UniFi readers and a G3-Flex surveillance camera.

It is 12V powered and the dry relays are compatible with most locks. There are four inputs for motion sensors, request-to-exit devices, and a door position switch.

Either UniFi Dream Machine Pro or Cloud Key Plus can be used to run the UniFi access application, which makes for easy management of users, visitors, schedules, and access policies with the intuitive browser-based interface. You can also remotely manage access devices, also with one easy interface.

You can set door policies, schedules, and permissions; create users, set roles and assign NFC cards; add visitors, define permitted areas and schedules, and review statistics and detailed logs.

The access system currently supports two access modes: NFC and hand wave modes. NFC mode means that physical cards, NFC-enabled mobile phones, and analog cards for electronic bracelets are supported. Doors are unlocked after a card swipe and successful identity verification. Hand wave mode means that doors are unlocked after waving your hand near the UA Lite reader. This mode is recommended for on-premise installations as it does not require identity verification.

UA-Pro supports unlocking doors using PIN codes assigned to specific users. In the future, the UA-Pro system will be able to unlock doors via an intercom and mobile app.

Part of the UniFi access control solution, the UniFi Access Reader Lite (UA-Lite) has been designed for convenient use and secure access. The PoE-powered reader is easy to install and supports the latest NFC security standards including AES-128 encrypted MIFARE DESFire. Unlocking the door is quick and secure with either an NFC card or with the mobile app – a future software release.

UA-Lite is an elegantly designed NFC and Bluetooth reader, 802.3af PoE powered. It has a built-in security element chip and is shipped silver in colour.

The UniFi Access Card (UA-Card) is a highly secure NFC smart card compatible with the UniFi Access system. Card data is encrypted with both AES-128 and with UniFi Access’s proprietary security mechanism. These additional security measures protect the card number from leaks and duplication. The card is specific to your access system and encrypted with a special algorithm that cannot be replicated, unlike other NFC cards.

UniFi Access Reader Pro (UA-Pro) is a premium NFC and Bluetooth reader with a crisp touchscreen display and high-resolution integrated camera. It has been designed for superior guest experience and employee convenience. The PoE-powered reader is easy to install and supports the latest NFC security standards including AES-128 encrypted MIFARE DESFire. Unlocking the door is quick and secure with your NFC card or with a mobile app. It has a built-in security element chip and the future for UA-Pro holds mobile access through an app, as well as intercom call functionality to request entry.

Site scalability is intelligent and convenient. The installation and use of Ubiquiti’s UniFi access control solutions are incredibly easy and intuitive. Support is available through detailed instructions and videos on the internet – and MiRO’s team of technical experts is just a phone call away.

Eliminate cumbersome access control with UniFi. Improve your users’ experience today and contact MiRO or you can visit www.miro.co.za to browse Ubiquiti’s UniFi offering with 24/7 convenience.