With SIAE Microelettronica’s carrier-grade 11 GHz licensed solutions, downtime and intermittent bandwidth are a thing of the past!

SIAE’s range features fully-outdoor IP radios that offer guaranteed throughput and high uptime availability. Its field-proven robust solutions on the 11 GHz ICASA licensed spectrum will ensure reliable and interference-free PtP links of up to 30 kilometers.

Available from MiRO, SIAE incorporates various innovative technologies and features in its ALFOplus and ALFOplus2 range to ensure flawless, high-performing operability and greater capacity in high-noise environments.

Not to mention that SIAE’s 11 GHz solutions license costs can be as low as R2 000 per annum for this frequency band, depending upon whether in a rural or metro location.

These solutions offer much more reliability, with stable links for mission-critical deployments and guaranteed throughput from 350 Mbps to 1.3Gbps, depending on your configuration.

The SIAE ALFOplus is a fully-outdoor, IP next-generation carrier-grade microwave radio and its zero-footprint solution allows for rapid rollout of a full IP backhaul network. It offers best-in-class performance and lower power consumption for a green but high-performing network.

It features a link distance up to 30 kilometers and maximum throughput of 340 Mbps full-duplex, with an up to 200% increase possible with packet header compression. It is also vertically polarised and offers 1024 Quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM).

The ALFOplus2 is the next-generation ultra-high capacity, fully-outdoor carrier-grade solution, offering up to 1036 Mbps guaranteed throughput in 4+0 configuration, also with a 200% increase possible with packet header compression, all on the 11 GHz spectrum.

Other features offered by the ALFOplus2 include it being dual polarised, offering 4096 QAM, and a link distance of over 30 kilometers with cross-polarization interference canceling technology (XPIC). The SIAE ALFOplus2 comprises two dual-core radios, two 60 centimeter dishes, two PoE injectors, connectors, a 1Gbps license, and a grounding kit.

The MiRO expert sales team can assist you with your complete SIAE licensed solution, from the pre-planning phase to your link planning, to selecting the best hardware – and even with your ICASA application. Call or stop by your nearest MiRO branch or browse Miro.co.za