It is estimated that fixed IP traffic doubles in volume every five years, driving the constant demand for capacity from the subscriber side.

Radwin offers a future-proof solution that enables service providers to both keep pace with growing demand and increase revenues through fibre-like wireless access in the licenced and unlicenced sub-6GHz bands (4.9 to 5.9 GHz).

Radwin’s new, cost-effective Air customer premises equipment (CPE), available from MiRO, is even more powerful and packed with return on investment opportunities for service provider businesses.

It offers quick and easy deployment and the ability to manage up to 250 devices through WinManage – which comes for free!

The Radwin new Air CPE (SU AIR) is an attractively priced, high-capacity 500Mbps outdoor subscriber unit with an integrated antenna that operates in the 5GHz band. SU AIR is interoperable with all Radwin 5GHz base stations and compatible with all Radwin PtMP systems.

The unit provides four-level QoS and ensures a reliable link in the congested spectrum and tough path conditions through Radwin’s field-proven air interface.

SU AIR channel bandwidth is dynamically selected, separately per transmission or reception direction, guaranteeing maximum link capacity. It can operate in distances of up to 40 kilometers with an absolutely clear line of sight.

This upgrade means a premium, always-transmitting, high packet-per-second processing power PtP and PtMP solution for WISPs enabling them to be less vulnerable within heavy interference areas.

It offers high spectrum efficiency (QAM 256), 80 MHz, and easy configuration and antenna alignment using a smartphone over WiFi.

As with all Radwin solutions, it is ruggedized, durable, and IP 67 compliant. SU AIR can be connectorised with either a 16dBi or 22dBi integrated antenna.

All of this is underlined by Radwin’s best effort service levels and MiRO’s expert support team.

Contact MiRO and find out how Radwin’s SU Air can help you deliver higher-capacity packages to residential subscribers. We can also demonstrate how you can save on the total cost of ownership with a single Radwin PtMP series providing multiple services, meaning lower tower and backhaul costs.

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