As the necessity for internet connectivity continues to grow in South Africa, the demand for high performance outdoor wireless equipment with an affordable price point has never been higher. In acknowledgement of this, Cambium Networks has developed a range of cost-effective 802.11ac Wave 2 Fixed Wireless Broadband radios called the ePMP L-Series.

The base station used in the ePMP L-Series solution is the Cambium ePMP 3000L. This is a third-generation access point (AP) that carries on the Cambium interference tolerance mechanisms with emphasis on high-performance in low-density point-to-multipoint sectors. With support for narrow-coverage sectors and omnis, wireless network coverage can be added exactly where needed – the ePMP 3000L is unmatched for scalability.

The ePMP 3000L has also set the standard for high performance, scalability and reliability in harsh interference environments, all at a compelling price. The ePMP 3000L is a 2X2 MIMO connectorised access point that can deliver a maximum throughput of 600 Mbps and that supports a wide variety of antenna options including Cambium’s 90/120 degree sectors as well as RFElements’ world-renowned symmetrical and asymmetrical horns that can be conveniently combined with their innovative ePMP 3000L Twistport adapter.

In addition, the ePMP 3000L features continuous interference mitigation techniques with the support of time division duplex (TDD) synchronisation using GPS and the robust software from the ePMP product line. The support of (1) GPS synchronisation and (2) subscriber module Transmit power control, allow for frequency re-use which offers a massive-benefits in areas where spectrum is limited.

The respective subscriber modules from the ePMP L series is the Force 300 L within which the most cost-effective option is the Force 300-13L. This 5GHz subscriber module delivers up to 400 Mbps of capacity and is well-suited for applications where pricing is sensitive. The Force 300-13L is equipped with a 13dBi integrated antenna which is suitable for distances of up to 1-2km in a point-to-multipoint application.

Combining the latest 802.11ac Wave 2 technology and the field-proven, scalable performance of Cambium Networks’ ePMP range provide a future proof solution for integrators and WISPs that are looking to grow their network and provide more clients with high bandwidths services. Furthermore, Cambium’s cloud-based management platform, cnMaestro, provides the ultimate level of networks visibility for easy management and troubleshooting.

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