Wireless internet service providers (WISPs) no longer have to choose between high-quality, premium-priced solutions or inexpensive solutions that tend to fail when delivering capacity in congested spectrum or crowded sectors.

RADWIN’s new and powerful NEO Point-to MultiPoint (PtMP) beamforming base station series and AIR 500Mbps subscriber units (SU) are now available from MiRO. This NEO series addresses the needs of WISPs to deliver high-performance fixed wireless access (FWA) services at budget-beating price tags, all enabled by RADWIN’s advanced technology.

This new product series shifts the quality versus price paradigm by delivering reliable and high-capacity connectivity at extremely competitive prices – especially in these times when high data capacity demand from consumers places tremendous strain both on the network and on the financial viability of these solutions. Hardware cost to performance ratio has never been this important.

RADWIN’s NEO series is comprised of single and dual-carrier base stations – NEO and NEO DUO, with an advanced bidirectional beamforming antenna. Delivering up to 1.5Gbps and serving up to 128 customers, the NEO series offers best-in-class radio interference mitigation that ensures reliable connectivity in the 5GHz congested spectrum, exceeding the all-important work from home (WFH) service requirements.

NEO outperforms market-available access points that use horn or uplink-only beamforming. NEO extends the cell edge, therefore reducing the wireless infrastructure cost. It also enables frequency reuse factor of two for greater capacity, using less spectrum. NEO DUO PrimeCarrier assures WISPs of high-capacity consistency and high service availability.

This new NEO series complements RADWIN’s extensive PtMP portfolio, including the market-proven JET series and MultiSector series.

RADWIN OSS tools support the entire PtMP portfolio to provide WISPs with simplified, efficient operation. RADWIN is also offering NEO as the best PtMP alternative for service providers requiring up-scaling of their wireless networks to high-performing systems with a low total cost of ownership (TCO). In addition, WISPs can mix and match optimal base stations for different deployment scenarios, while using common subscriber units compatible across RADWIN’s entire 5GHz portfolio.

It is easy to manage smart deployment and operation with the RADWIN smart phone app. Align your customer premise equipment (CPE) with WINTouch, an app designed for SU alignment, configuration and link performance verification. WINTouch communicates over the cloud with WINDeploy to streamline the end-to-end installation process, from work order receipt to installation reporting and documentation.

With RADWIN’s free WINManage network management system (NMS), you can manage and monitor up to 250 online network devices, interfaces and services with this highly scalable, on-premises, web-based management system. Flexible and customisable dashboards and reports enable you to easily perform network configurations, service provisioning, fault management, performance monitoring and user security management.

Building your network with RADWIN, upgrading and incorporating RADWIN technology into your network or migrating to a RADWIN solution to offer your subscribers fibre-like connectivity is just a phone call away.

Contact a MiRO pre-sales specialist or click here and discover just how affordable and effective the new RADWIN NEO range of wireless solutions is.