Choosing the right technology products for your home or business can be a frustrating task. Especially when it’s your first time, you don’t know which products best suit your needs or even how to use them. You also may not be familiar with the different brands that manufacture the products you need. The back-and-forth hurdles of calling the customer line for advice is too much effort and will surely take away so much of your precious time. Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) who are still starting up and tapping into the industry need a lot of resources and information to better serve their potential clients. Long-running and experienced WISPs also need the resources and information in order to keep growing and getting ahead of the competition. New technologies emerge weekly, and you need to constantly be on the lookout for those new products that can change your life for the better.

What if there was a way for you to get a front-row seat to an informative and highly empowering platform that won’t only help you excel in the industry, but will also change your life for the better? Well, there is!

This November, MiRO brings you another incredible instalment of IP-CON, an empowering technological experience that is aimed at empowering communities, supporters, and service providers. This annual event has changed the lives of many and still continues, year after year, to innovate businesses, homes and communities all across the continent. However, in light of the current pandemic, the event had to move online. So, this means anyone interested in attending IP-CON can do exactly that from the comfort of their home. You need not worry about travel arrangements or rearranging your entire schedule. All you have to do is login and enjoy this amazing experience from literally anywhere. Over a thousand attendants are anticipated as the number continues to grow.

Why is IP-CON worth the attendance, you may ask? IP-CON doesn’t only give you full access to a panel of qualified experts, but it also offers you the opportunity to interact with peers in the same industry and share trade secrets. This event will bring people together from all walks of life and benefit many WISPs with lead generation. So, every single question you’ve ever had regarding anything to do with IP-Convergence, VoIP, Wi-Fi or state-of-the-art surveillance will be put to rest at this year’s informative IP-CON experience. You will get first-hand advice, industry secrets, marketing insights, the best industry practices and solutions to empower you to connect more communities.

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