A stable Wi-Fi connection determines the productivity of a business, especially in a world where everything is done online. Your team needs a reliable connection to reply to emails on time, cut the turnaround time, monitor sales, access report sheets, have presentations, host seminars and so much more. Having a Wi-Fi system that hinders all that means your resources are going to waste, you are not producing and processing things at the right pace, and you are losing revenue.

Enterprises housing multiple departments are susceptible to connection dead-zones because signals originating from access points get dampened down by obstacles before reaching their intended endpoints. These incidences are commonly found in warehouses and basements where there’s an abundance of thick walls and connection is not powerful enough to pierce through to the other side. So, when communication is transmitted from upper floors to these thick-walled lower areas, it either deteriorates upon receipt or doesn’t get received at all. A go-to solution for many users is the installation of repeaters to enhance coverage. Repeaters broaden the range and ensure that these lower areas receive the connection they need, however, the downside is that in doing so they diminish the Wi-Fi speed. The basement and warehouse will receive Wi-Fi coverage but it will be so slow that none of the content sent through will load. Now, on top of your Wi-Fi problem, you will have a communication problem to deal with, which will cause reduced productivity.

For enterprise Wi-Fi users whose target is to ensure top-notch service and incredible high-density Wi-Fi connectivity, a Wi-Fi Mesh system that incorporates one of the Cambium cnPilot indoor access points is ideal. The Cambium cnPilot XV2-2 Wi-Fi 6 and Cambium cnPilot XV3-8 Wi-Fi 6 Enterprise Grade Software-defined Indoor Access Points are powerful Wi-Fi 6 options available for any enterprise seeking to upgrade its current internet system. These options offer unbeatable lightning-fast Wi-Fi speed of 1.77 Gbps and 6Gbps. Users receive reliable connection worth their money and enjoy high-quality streaming from anywhere in the building. The Cambium cnPilot XV2-2 features a 2.5 Gb Uplink Port, while the Cambium cnPilot XV3-8 has a 5 Gb Uplink Port. When incorporated into a well-positioned Mesh system, these Wi-Fi options offer the user high-density coverage that allows for Wi-Fi connection possibilities in every department of the enterprise, from the executive office all the way down to the boiler room. Multiple devices can simultaneously connect and receive high-quality processing speed with no internet lag. The Cambium cnPilot Wi-Fi 6 options won’t only enhance the enterprise’s connectivity, but will also instantly revolutionize all communication processes currently in use.

MiRO is offering you a chance to boost your business with these cost-effective and unbelievably ultra-fast Wi-Fi 6 options from Cambium. Customers receive installation and pre-configuration services from a qualified team of experts at no extra costs. Visit one of the MiRO branches, or shop online and end your connection issues today.

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