Is home security your top priority? If not, you might want to reconsider. Housebreaking has been the most commonly experienced crime in South Africa. The number of households that have experienced this crime has risen to 2.3 million as of 2020/21.

A lot of valuable assets are lost in these incidents and the privacy of the owners is tremendously compromised. When residents are home this crime can escalate into an extreme and violent nature – home robbery. Traditional security systems can soften the extremity of the crime. However, they can’t be fully relied on as they are prone to experiencing problems such as false alarms, weak scene adaptability and low-quality imagery.

The best security solutions work when you need them to work – with zero false alarms. They offer high scene adaptability and great image quality. Smart Intrusion Prevention (SIP) from Uniview can achieve that and more. Uniview’s Smart Intrusion Prevention caters for homes, industries, small and midsized businesses.

These security solutions offer users precise motion detection, model comparison and target identification. Uniview’s smart products can differentiate between animate and inanimate objects, avoiding false triggers from natural elements such as wind and rain. Unlike, traditional security systems that get triggered by almost anything. This technology can easily be set up by the user to track a specific target.

Whether your main focus is to target vehicles or people, this technology will abide by that programming and track exactly what the user set it up to do. All files are safely stored and organized according to the detected object’s nature, reducing the user’s search time. These solutions also save users money, storage and bandwidth.

Uniview’s range of Smart Intrusion Prevention products includes the Alphaview, Deep-sight and Accu-sight range which is equipped with light hunter technology that heightens and improves deep learning environment adaptability. This range is ideal for home, industrial and SMB use as it offers users smart intrusion prevention, people counting, facial recognition, deep face capture and video metadata.

Uniview’s Smart Intrusion Prevention technology can be found at an amazing price point from all MiRO branches.

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