How do you keep your family, staff and clients safe and protected in a time where physical contact has become taboo? The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted and forced the world into panic, impacting schools, enterprises, estates and so much more. Physical contact between people and objects has intensified the pandemic and in extreme cases has led to fatalities and ludicrous medical bills.

Living without touching objects, you must admit, is easier said than done, because we need to interact with so many objects to negative around the world. From simply opening the door at your house to jumping into a bus or touching a keyboard at work. The touchless access control and time & attendance solutions from ZKTeco came at the right time to minimise the frequency at which people touch objects, therefore improving hygiene.

To provide safe and effective solutions, ZKTeco released the Visible Light Series, which was designed to offer users powerful facial recognition features in less than a second. Security is ZKTeco’s top priority. They ensured that clients receive the best security features possible with their anti-spoofing technology that protects users against imposters using pictures and video to access their system. The Visible Light Series comprises three incredible devices. The ZKTeco SPEEDFACE mini is the first in line with its facial, palm and Radio-frequency identification (RFID) terminals which support up to 800 faces, 800 palms and 1000 RFID transactions. The SPEEDFACE mini is ideal for indoor deployment within medium enterprises. It offers users access to the premises with no touch requirements, but by using advanced facial recognition. The SPEEDFACE mini also supports both, Biotime 8 and Biosecurity. Next in line is the ZKTeco SPEEDFACE V5L-P, ideal for massive enterprises that accommodate over a thousand workers. This powerful unit supports up to over 6000 faces and fingerprints, 3000 palms and 10000 Radio-frequency identification (RFID) transactions. Last, but absolutely not least, is the PROFACE-X, which was specially designed for outdoor use. Just like its counterparts, this unit only works with Biosecurity web-based software. It can perform ultra-fast facial recognition of about 0.3 seconds and it carries an IP rating of 68 with an IK rating of 4. However, the PROFACE-X supports up to 30,000 face transactions and 50,000 RFID transactions.

The Visible Light Series is easy to install, thanks to MiRO’s professional and time-saving services. Customers receive pre-configuration on selected products, pre-sales and after-sales support and quick installation. The ZKTeco Series is absolutely easy to manage as the units support Wi-Fi connectivity, simplifying your entire life.

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