Musical taste and preferences are known to vary across members of a household, and when it comes to entertainment, Bluetooth speakers have become a go-to. However, the quality of sound produced isn’t of the quality we deserve and often, we experience sound deterioration, weak audio, and minimal range coverage. Most traditional speakers and amplifiers also lack  intelligent features.

Introducing VSSL. VSSL uses audio streaming amplifiers that support mobile devices and apps such as Alexa and Siri, making it easy for users to use native streaming and voice commands on various devices and apps. VSSL enhances any home automation system by allowing users to stream their favourite music from any device to any room. Other users can also connect and stream their playlists in separate rooms without any interference. To offer you an even better and seamless user experience, VSSL provides you with voice command capabilities that support your trusted music apps (no 3rd party apps needed!) This is all due to its built-in features such as Airplay2, Spotify Connect, Chromecast and Alexa Cast, just to name a few. No need to lift a finger; just simply use voice commands to control your home audio system and play your favourite music through any device from anywhere in the house. VSSL amplifies all types of home speakers, from ceiling to high-end bookshelf speakers – making it all work together to create a more comfortable, convenient and enjoyable home.

MiRO offers you the best of VSSL through the X Series, an unbeatable range of amplifiers designed to provide users with complete audio solutions. The X Series comprises three amplifiers; the TruAudio – VSSL A.1X, a single-zoned and 2-channel amplifier with built-in Wi-Fi, and the Wi-Fi capable TruAudio – VSSL A.3X, which covers three zones and 6-channels and lastly, the six-zoned and 12-channel TruAudio – VSSL A.6X amplifier. This range comes equipped with Bluetooth, Chromecast and Alexa support.

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