Are you looking to set foot in the ICT industry? Or do you simply want to learn about the latest IP-convergence products to meet your home and office needs? IP-CON caters perfectly for those searching for guidance, advice, and knowledge on all things IP. This November, from the 17th to the 18th, MiRO will be hosting another incredible instalment of IP-CON, an illuminating event aimed at empowering individuals, communities and service providers. This annual event has transformed many businesses, homes and communities across the continent and continues to empower even more.

The event shall be hosted online and offers everyone the opportunity to attend from the comfort of their home or office.

Why is IP-CON worth attending, you may ask? IP-CON gives you full access to a panel of experienced and qualified industry experts. Meaning, every single question you’ve ever had regarding the Internet of Things (IoT), networking, VoIP, fibre, Wi-Fi or state-of-the-art surveillance will be put to rest at this year’s informative IP-CON experience. You will get first-hand advice, industry insights, regulatory information, and best-of-breed solutions to empower you to connect more communities.

There are a host of prizes to be won, and adding to the impressive list of attendants, this year’s IP-CON will be graced by heavy-weight sponsors such as Snom, Uniview, Cambium and SIAE. RFelements, Grandstream, Tenda and many more will also have their time in the spotlight.

Save your spot and register now!

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