Limited speeds, high interference and short coverage, are just a few drawbacks encountered when using poor networking infrastructure. Network cabling is the unsung hero of reliable networking and is supposed to offer you peace of mind and consistency. However, that’s seldom the case. Network engineers will invest heavily to install practical and versatile cables that boost their networks speed, handle more capacity and assist in covering larger areas.

Acconet can remedy these problems instantly and effectively. Today, there is a wide variety of Ethernet cables available, but picking those that suit your needs can be tricky. That is why  MiRO and Acconet offer you affordable, high-quality cabling products to provide you with that peace of mind knowing your networking infrastructure is in good hands. They have tailored Ethernet cabling solutions for every application clients desire, whether telephony, Wi-Fi, IP security, data-centre and standard computer networks.

The differences in category cables may still be unclear. We put together this table to help clearly define the specifications of each cable to help you make sure you are using the most suitable Cat cable.

Attribute CAT5E CAT6 CAT7
Frequency 100Mhz 250Mhz / 500Mhz 1000Mhz
Max Transmission speeds 10/100 Mbps 1Gbps / 10Gbps 10Gbps
Distance 100m 100m@1Gbps / 37m@10Gbps 100Mbps
Cable Construction UTP or Shielded UTP or Shielded Shielded

MiRO offers both solid-copper and copper-clad aluminium (CCA) cables – an aluminium cable with a copper coating, allowing you the choice to pick the one that best suits your budget and application. Customers can rest assured knowing that MiRO maintains healthy stock levels of Acconet cable at a competitive price point.

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