The growth of the Internet, and the volume of connected devices, has seen the Internet of Things (IoT) successfully disrupt our daily lives to the point that even the non-technology inclined have started to buy into the convenience, the comfort and the value offered by this vast and expanding segment. Today, we live in a connected world where machines, infrastructure and the internet are converged into one easy-to-manage IP solution. The truth is IoT will continue to grow in importance, both for industrial and home use. From connected home hubs, smart lighting, remote-controlled valves and all the various app-controlled appliances, chances are IoT will eventually find its way into all of our lives.

MiRO distributes the best, most efficient, and high-quality IoT products from four of the world’s prominent IP solutions manufacturers: VSSL, Aqara, Milesight and Ring. MiRO’s innovative IoT portfolio components are smart audio, home automation, agriculture, security and surveillance.

1. Smart Audio Solutions

To fill the gap in the market for intelligent audio products, MiRO partnered with VSSL, a producer of audio streaming amplifiers designed for streaming music to home systems while allowing multiple rooms to play in absolute unison. The amplifiers support mobile devices and apps such as Alexa and Siri, making it easy to use native streaming and voice commands on various devices and trusted apps. VSSL enhances any smart home scenario by allowing users to stream their favourite music from any room. Other users can also connect and stream their playlists in separate rooms without any interference. Their product line comprises three powerful amplifiers: the single-zoned and two-channelled A.1X, the three-zoned and six-channelled A.3X and the A.6X with its six zones and twelve channels.

2. Home and Automation Solutions

In the early days of IoT, much of the focus centred around industrial applications, such as improving operations with autonomous machinery. Lately, much of the focus has shifted towards the home and office, and we are beginning to see a more human-centred approach starting to emerge. IoT has become more about personal augmentation and improving living services for users. When MiRO began to search for effective IoT partners, they discovered Aqara: A leading smart home and IoT solutions provider, offering a diverse set of home automation products ranging from sensors to switches, curtain controllers, and air quality monitors, all managed from intelligent Aqara hubs. Users of these innovative devices can enjoy the feeling of the home remotely from anywhere, made possible by Aqara sensors that monitor and communicate any activity to the owner 24/7. With these innovative home solutions, you can turn your lights on, track movement inside your home, close your curtains when you’re running late, and set the home temperature to prepare for your arrival.

3. Smart Agricultural Solutions

With South Africa’s agricultural sector often suffering from drought, crop canker, wilting, blight, and other external factors, MiRO had to create a fail-safe solution for their partners that was both affordable and effective. Under their portfolio, MiRO brought in a unique brand to better serve the agricultural community – Milesight, a manufacturer of the best-in-class Internet of things (IoT) products with a specialised focus on agriculture and intelligent building environments. Milesight brings together the complexity of security, connectivity and communication and magically interweaves these components to deliver an integrated and formidable IoT solution. The agricultural sector can now save costs, time, effort and produce more with Milesight’s broad range of sensors, controllers and LoRaWAN gateways. These products monitor the fields and alert the end-user when the conditions are not favourable. The user can trigger irrigation systems to keep the soil moist and the vegetation healthy. Milesight sensors are also smart enough to automatically activate irrigation systems when soil conditions indicate water requirement.

4. Smart Surveillance Solutions

It will always be comforting to have a sound surveillance system watching over you and your loved ones, whether you are in the home or not. However, finding a solution that fits modern features, intelligence, and overall performance can be tricky. MiRO did its research and discovered one of the world’s most famous home security brands. Ring is considered one of the globe’s top smart home security solutions manufacturers. Their products have rapidly advanced over the years to offer residential areas and enterprises the best possible IP surveillance and alarm security. With Ring, you are now allowed to monitor all kinds of activities at your front door 24/7, with an added feature to two-way talk and welcome your visitors. All feeds and recordings are captured in the highest quality and are securely stored on Ring’s cloud storage facilities, allowing only the account holder access. These products are highly durable and can withstand periods of harsh weather and darkness, thanks to their durable weather-resistance exterior. Through MiRO, you can get your hands on an easily installable and innovative range of wireless video doorbells and IP security cameras desired to fit in and around any home/office scenario of your choice. MiRO also stock the Wi-Fi extenders and access points needed to give every last corner of your house Internet coverage, allowing you to install any Ring camera in any place.

MiRO also offers pre-configuration, training, pre-sales and after-sales services to ensure that all customers feel confident to begin their IoT journey. Visit their website at for more information.