The growth of the Internet, and the volume of connected devices, has seen the Internet of Things (IoT) successfully disrupt the daily lives of South Africans to the point that even the non-technology inclined have started to buy into the convenience, the comfort and the value offered by this vast and expanding segment.

What is the future of IoT?

Today, we live in a connected world where machines, infrastructure and the internet are converged into one easy-to-manage IP solution. The truth is IoT will continue to grow in importance, both for industrial and home use. From connected home hubs, smart lighting, remote-controlled valves and all the various app-controlled appliances, chances are IoT will eventually find its way into all of our lives.

In the early days of IoT, much of the focus centred around industrial applications, such as improving operations with autonomous machinery. Lately, much of the focus has shifted towards the home and office, and we are beginning to see a more human-centred approach starting to emerge. IoT has become more about personal augmentation and improving living services for South African users. When MiRO started its search for effective IoT partners, they discovered Aqara: A leading smart home and IoT solutions provider, offering a diverse set of home automation products ranging from sensors to switches, curtain controllers, and air quality monitors, all managed from intelligent Aqara hubs.

What are the applications for IoT in homes?

Aqara’s original home technology provides affordable smart home solutions that are reliable, easy to use, and available to anyone who wishes to simplify their homes. Users of these innovative devices can enjoy the feeling of home remotely from anywhere, made possible by Aqara sensors that monitor and communicate any activity to the owner 24/7. With these novel home solutions, you can turn your lights on, track movement inside your home, close your curtains when you’re running late, and set the home temperature to prepare for your arrival.

Customers can buy Aqara from and turn their house into a smart home overnight. With an extensive range of online payment options and Mobicred facilities, you can turn your smart home dream into a reality today!