Connectivity has demonstrated efficiency improvements, productivity gains and safety advantages throughout the mining industry. Mining sites are spread over vast geographic areas, and efficient data communication provides the necessary coordination needed for mines to be running at their maximum utility. Mines with reliable and affordable broadband communications synchronise field operations, giving the mine owners the agility to adjust timeously to changes in demand and the working environment.

The impact of MiRO Distribution on the mining industry

To address the needs of today’s modern mining companies, MiRO Distribution offers solutions that deliver ultra-high capacity and reliable wireless connectivity to support a range of fixed, nomadic and mobile applications

Who is MiRO?

MiRO is one of Southern Africa’s leading distributors of Wireless, Networking, VoIP, IP security and IoT products. MiRO’s extensive experience and proven track record of supplying robust, flexible and scalable solutions to grow almost every modern industry has made them a trustworthy and reliable partner. MiRO focuses heavily on delivering only the best-of-breed products, providing effective pre-sales and after-sales service and technical support. MiRO is actively involved in the compliance and self-regulation of the countries in which it operates and is considered the market leader in local Type Approvals in South Africa on their equipment to ensure that the industry has access to a steady supply of legally approved products.

What are their products used for?

MiRO’s portfolio extends into all corners of the IP landscape. Suppose customers want to build large outdoor wireless broadband networks, fibre-to-the-home infrastructure, an indoor surveillance system or unified communications solution. MiRO has a solution for every application.


Their range of IP networking solutions covers all areas of IP networking, from small home networks to enterprise-level networks. MiRO’s networking product portfolio includes switches, routers, fibre OLTs, ONUs, next-generation firewalls, cabled infrastructure, network cabinets and other networking accessories, enabling you to build a complete IP network.


MiRO’s range of wireless connectivity devices consists of Wi-Fi, LTE, microwave and fixed wireless broadband. Their Wi-Fi portfolio includes single access point solutions and scales to multi-site, cloud-managed and high-density solutions. Their fixed wireless broadband portfolio contains solutions wireless internet services providers (WISPs) of any size can use to build networks for internet services, ranging from residential to enterprise. MiRO also supplies a range of carrier-grade licensed and unlicensed spectrum backhaul solutions for significant network capacity requirements.


MiRO’s security portfolio consists of a complete range of IP surveillance and access control solutions. Their IP video portfolio comprises all the components necessary for a comprehensive surveillance system, from a wide range of quality IP cameras with edge analytics to onsite NVRs and a cloud-based video management system. With facility management, MiRO’s IP based biometric and touchless access control solution can be perfectly integrated into any existing IP network, eliminating the complexities of running multiple networks on a single site.

Internet of Things (IoT)

MiRO distributes the best-in-class Internet of things (IoT) products with a specialised focus on agriculture and intelligent building environments. It brings together the complexity of security, connectivity and communication and magically interweaves these components to deliver an integrated and formidable IoT solution.

Why partner with MiRO?

  1. Seamless buying experience: Providing the best customer experience to their partners is core to MiRO’s value proposition. Keeping with this core value, they have simplified the buyer’s journey by developing and maintaining a revolutionary eCommerce website. Customers can place orders, check stock availability, book training and events, download marketing collateral, view the status of open orders, and so much more!
  2. Best-of-breed products: MiRO has spent the last 20 years building a formidable ICT portfolio and currently provides only the best products used in IP convergence.
  3. Expert Team: MiRO consists of a talented team of technology experts with extensive experience and know-how to tackle challenging projects, simultaneously offering the best pre-sales planning and solution design.
  4. After-sales support: Buying products through MiRO guarantees support after orders leave the warehouse. Support services include telephonic, email, and on-site technical support.
  5. Pre-Configuration services: Customers receive pre-configuration on selected products to save time and effort. These services are offered to both online and on[1]site buyers. Couple this with their intelligent delivery system, and MiRO can drop ship ready to go products anywhere you would like
  6. Training: MiRO provides introductory and internationally certified courses from world-class vendors. Their training is hosted online and at any of their four branches. Partners can also request customised training at their premises for various classes.
  7. Credit and Finance Solutions: MiRO’s mission is to empower its customers to grow their businesses by providing support and essential financial services. MiRO offers credit options for business and individual accounts, including long-term project financing. Customers can simply consult with the MiRO account department to learn more.
  8. Delivery: MiRO’s sophisticated delivery system sets them apart in the industry. Simply log into the online portal, find your products, attain a delivery quote, and orders arrive right at the front door in no time.

How to contact MiRO?

MiRO has four operating branches in South Africa. From the main branch in Centurion to Cape Town, Durban, and Nelspruit, all offer the exact end-to-end solutions and walkthroughs. To learn more about MiRO, visit their website at or contact the sales team at [email protected]. Alternatively, call or Whatsapp them on 012 657 0960