Retail stores bring in hundreds of people every day. This foot traffic is precisely what drives the business’s growth and progression. Keeping customers and staff safe is critical, with scores of people coming in and out of the shop weekly. Effective surveillance solutions act as a deterrent to potential criminals, and their innovative technologies give store owners complete confidence to handle security situations appropriately and constructively.

Effectively meeting the challenges of today’s retail store owners requires innovative IP solutions that provide practical in-person and online security, secure data management, and an exquisite customer experience – Uniview has helped introduce this exact solution to the retail market.

Uniview is the foremost manufacturer of IP surveillance technology globally, offering customers the perfect data management and IP surveillance solutions with their wide range of products, competitive pricing and latest surveillance technology.

Uniview’s impact on the retail industry

For retailers to ensure security, increase safety, improve employee productivity, manage data and raise the customer experience, they require reliable monitoring tools. Within Uniview’s comprehensive surveillance portfolio, their solutions cater for:

  1. Entrance and Exit ports: Face detection and recognition cameras are ideal for entrances and exits. Their IP cameras provide retailers with high-resolution video and images, allowing them to identify loyal customers, what they buy and how frequently they visit the store. The data is safely stored and can be explored to leverage potential opportunities. UNV solutions also protect the store from shoplifting, employee harassment, internal theft and fraudulency. Faces on the database can be black and white-listed to alert the owners of any unwanted visitors.
  2. The Shopping Area: With Uniview’s Corridor Mode feature, cameras can effectively reduce monitoring in low-priority areas and focus more on high priority areas, that is, aisles with more traffic. These include the Uniview NVRs and EZVMS, which comprise live view and playback display options.
  3. Cashier Desk: The cashier desk requires HD video surveillance and integration functions such as Point of Sale (POS) due to the area’s sensitivity. Retailers can merge Video images and corresponding POS information by integrating POS devices and Uniview NVR. POS information can be recorded and displayed on the related video footage. This tool protects the retailer and employees from any false claims and can aid law enforcement with reliable information.
  4. Warehouse: With Uniview, retailers can protect valuable merchandise and manage personnel access to the warehouse. Uniview LightHunter and Colour hunter camera series, embedded with an F1.2large Iris design & BSI sensor, provides colourful and detailed video images under ultra-low light or no-light conditions (0.0005Lux). It adapts to both outside and low light environments.
  5. Parking Lot: The Uniview PTZ dome camera can be configured into a pre-set position and designed to monitor a guard patrol route automatically. It can effectively observe large parking lot areas, providing full-time protection for vehicles and customers’ property. Uniview’s 4K cameras can also provide retailers with clear and precise details in designated areas with excellent high-resolution performance. The PTZ cameras that support SIP (Smart Intrusion Prevention) are typically installed in outdoor areas. These cameras are only on the lookout for humans, vehicles, and non-motor vehicles, thus saving bandwidth and storage and reducing unnecessary false alarms.
  6. Management Platform: The management platform is the central point for converging security staff and retail managers to check live views, run playbacks and collect data analysis through various back-end systems such as EZStation, Web client, EZVMS CS Client and local NVR. Retail managers can view their shops in live view, run playbacks and set alarm notifications anytime and anywhere through UNV’s APP EZView. UNV devices are designed and manufactured to the highest standards to ensure reliability and dependability to store owners.

South Africa’s retail sector benefits tremendously from Uniview’s vast range of IP solutions. These technologies are easy-to-use and can be purchased seamlessly through MiRO’s sophisticated eCommerce website and delivered straight to your door.

Visit to learn more about MiRO and their extensive product offerings from Uniview. You can also mail [email protected] and phone (or WhatsApp) them on 012 657 0960.