The retail landscape is shifting, and retailers are constantly looking for ways to optimise their stores and fit the market’s changing needs. IP Technology has brought unparalleled opportunities to countless industries and has again shown us how technology can be a silver bullet for businesses looking to stay ahead. With IP-based access control, retailers can rely on a scalable and dependable facility management solution, whether one or a thousand doors are in the network.

ZKTeco has taken the lead in developing an innovative range of visible light facial recognition products. This range is built around the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning, and Neural Network technologies, eliminating almost all the issues experienced through the outdated and traditional facial recognition technologies. These technologies have been developed to curb the incapability of legacy touchless-based access control and replace it with highly accurate, light-insensitive devices.

About ZKTecoIt is a leading manufacturer of advanced biometric access control, time and attendance and intelligent security solutions. Their security and time management solutions comprise robust fingerprint and multi-biometric access control terminals.

What is ZKTeco’s Visible Light Facial Recognition Technology?

The ZKTeco Visible Light Facial Recognition range is a flexible, touchless biometric solution that offers the end-user hygienic, secure, reliable and convenient access. These products use an android operating system that brings clients the unlimited potential to create their bespoke solutions based on the needs of their end-users. Due to its flexibility, its application is suitable for various industries worldwide, from education, banking, retail, conferencing and more. Retailers can use this dynamic product suite for access control, time and attendance, and other facility management requirements.

The benefits of Facial Recognition technology within retail

Unlike traditional facial recognition devices in the market, ZKTeco’s technologies offer you unique, reliable and accurate functionality. Their SpeedFace and ProFace ranges provide potent and reliable devices that support multiple verification methods such as code, palm, RFID, finger, and face recognition.

Other benefits for the retail industry include:

  • Security: The Visible Light Facial recognition technology can help retailers flag known shoplifters as soon as they approach the store and send instant alerts. It also helps employees keep track of loyal customers and trigger alerts to reward top customers.
  • Employee tracking: This technology can replace outdated time and attendance systems and offer reliable monitoring and employee management. It also provides employees quick access to the premises, avoiding queues and inevitable late coming. All that’s required of them is to walk through the gate. The system will actively match faces and data and grant them access.
  • Enhanced customer service: Retailers can gain analytics showing how often customers visit the store, their last purchase, the number of items, etc. This data enables the retailer to provide the shopper with a unique and personalised shopping experience.

Touchless access control systems offer a simple, secure and convenient way to enter any building or workplace. Retailers can now provide their customers and employees with a safe, hygienic shopping and working experience, simultaneously gaining an advantage in extending their services and managing their premises. Furthermore, ZKTeco has many outdoor solutions for entrance control such as boom gates and spikes, loop detectors, touchless buttons, license plate recognition systems, and full height turnstiles to improve customer safety and reduce car theft and robberies in gated premises.

For retailers seeking a unique and compelling advantage, visit MiRO, a value-adding distributor of ZKTeco’s complete range of access control, time and attendance, and visible light facial recognition technologies at Contact MiRO via landline (or WhatsApp) at 012 657 0960 or send a mail to [email protected].