The news is finally official! Untangle has merged with Arista Networks, an industry leader in cloud networking, to deliver cyber threat management and software-defined networking (SDN) solutions to small and medium-sized businesses.

The acquisition positions the newly formed Arista Edge Threat Management product as an award-winning platform that guarantees availability, agility, automation and analytics through an advanced network security stack.

Arista’s Edge Threat Management brings together a full range of complimentary networking, security, and optimisation components to meet the needs of growing businesses.

  1. NG Firewall: This tool offers IT administrators complete access, and visibility to monitor, manage and control their network. It also protects businesses from potential threats and simplifies network security for IT administrators while offering scalable threat management services.
  2. Micro Edge: This SDN solution secures multiple branch connectivity, optimises existing internet infrastructure, and prioritises business-critical applications to maximise employee productivity. Micro Edge boosts internet connectivity with traffic shaping and QoS at branch offices, prioritising business-critical traffic.
  3. ETM Dashboard: This tool allows for the deployment of both the NG Firewall and Micro Edge, simplifying configuration and management of appliances. The ETM Dashboard enables network administrators and managed service providers to view appliance status, bandwidth utilisation, and network traffic analytics remotely. They can gather valuable auditing logs from administrative changes, managing regulatory compliance, software updates, and business-critical data backups. Other complimentary features include visibility across network endpoints, simplified network management, centralised policy controls and advanced alerting & reporting.

With ransomware attacks on the rise, businesses of all sizes are under threat. Companies need to start investing in proven security solutions to protect their business’s critical data against these potential threats to reduce the possibility of being negatively impacted. Through their partnership with MiRO, Arista intends to bridge the gap between vulnerability and security.

To learn more about their product range, visit or contact the sales team at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can call (or WhatsApp) them on 012 657 0960.