The importance of installing surveillance cameras in and around your business premises can never be understated.

In this article, we narrow the severity of surveillance solutions into the seven most critical reasons business owners of all sizes need to consider an IP surveillance system.

The unnaturally high levels of crime have moved security, once again, to the forefront of every business owner’s mind, as executives aim to increase their security measures and secure their properties, assets, and employees.

Some of these measures include installing advanced surveillance camera systems that provide live and recorded video footage, remote monitoring features, motion detection, picture quality, and so much more.

2022 saw the introduction of its generation’s most sophisticated and well-priced IP surveillance camera solutions.

In this article, we look to clarify some of the most impressive features this series has to offer.

Seven reasons why your business needs IP surveillance cameras

1. Easy to install

Simple and straightforward. Plug the camera into a power source, connect it to your local network (wirelessly or via ethernet cable), download your managing software and voilà!

2. Saves YOU Money 

Previously, the installation of analogue cameras and old generations of IP cameras required expensive cabling, monitoring equipment and technicians. Today’s smart cameras have removed the redundancy and cleared the way for more intelligent and less costly systems. Due to their easy management and remote accessibility, you don’t need to hire a full-time guard to monitor your system. All you need is your smartphone, PC or tablet and an Internet connection.

3. Remote System Monitoring 

Unlike legacy analogue CCTV systems that require you to be on-site to view, monitor and receive notifications, an IP system allows you to do that and more with only a mobile device. You can receive notifications, view live camera feeds, manage stored data, monitor your property, and more. It’s perfect for business owners who travel rigorously and need to keep an eye on their businesses.

4. Mobile Security Alerts

IP camera systems are equipped with software that can alert you if a preset alarm is triggered or motion is detected. If you get the alert, you can check your cameras remotely to see what’s happening and determine a course of action quickly and effectively. The quicker you respond to a security threat, the less damage your business will sustain.

5. Highly scalable 

Expanding your surveillance system is hassle-free and affordable. You can add as many new cameras as possible at your own pace. Whether you intend to cover up blind spots, build a new wing, or set up a new angle. The choices are entirely up to you.

6. Better Image Quality and Field of View

This IP camera technology offers the best image/video resolution at any possible angle, eliminating shadow spots and glare. With these cameras, you can monitor the movement of anyone who enters and exits your premises. They’re also equipped with enhanced zooming and facial identification features that enable you to quickly identify the faces of people who come through your doors, preventing blacklisted individuals from entering the premises.

7. Revolutionary smart features

Today, IP cameras are equipped with incredible features such as thermal reading, which enables them to detect and alert you to abnormal temperatures that could indicate fire or equipment overheating. IP cameras are also instilled with Smart Intrusion Prevention features, allowing them to quickly identify faces, license plates and objects and avoid false alerts.

In summary, IP surveillance solutions offer you more flexibility, scalability, performance, and intelligent features than legacy solutions. MiRO Distribution has made it easy for the Southern African market to access these innovative technologies at an affordable price by sourcing the world’s top IP surveillance brands.

Who is Uniview?

Uniview is one of the world’s leading IP surveillance manufacturers, and MiRO began its partnership with Uniview at the turn of the decade and has since installed countless solutions around the country. The brand offers customers the perfect concoction of data management and security solutions with its wide range of products, competitive pricing, and the latest surveillance technology.

MiRO goes above and beyond to provide customers with a complete end-to-end solution, from wireless equipment to backup power systems. Customers can now keep their IP solution powered during rolling blackouts at a fraction of the cost. For their UPS solutions visit their Acconet range here.

Browse our Uniview stock here or contact our sales team at [email protected] and 012 657 0960 for more information regarding our UNV range.