The unnaturally high levels of crime in South Africa have moved security, once again, to the forefront of every business and homeowner’s mind as we look to secure our properties from any harm, damage, or loss that can occur from criminal activities.

Empirical evidence suggests that installing IP Camerasaccess control terminals, and perimeter alarm systems can reduce criminal instances by up to 60%. These high levels of crime present the growing demand for the established security industry to deliver new and innovative solutions to deter and prevent crime before it affects our establishments, properties, and the livelihood of our employees and family members.

At MiRO, we have sourced a wide berth of industry leaders from across the globe and partnered with them to address this rapidly growing demand for effective crime deterrent solutions in the industry. Today, our security solutions portfolio has expanded remarkably. In October 2022, we shall be hosting an exciting and intuitive security roadshow across all MiRO branches to share our knowledge and reveal some of the most innovative security solutions available in South Africa.

The MiRO Security Roadshow will commence on the 11th until the 27th of October at all MiRO branches across South Africa. We will take you deep into the world of security and explore South Africa’s high demand for cutting-edge security solutions while showcasing some of the industry leaders such as UniviewRingZKTecoTP-Link and Hikvision, to name a few.

We will also introduce our IoT and home automation solutions, which complement any residential and business environment by providing remote monitoring, access, and peace of mind to any user, regardless of location. Due to the ever-increasing demand for secondary power solutions, we will also take a deep dive into how to ensure your security solutions have backup power even during rolling blackouts.

Don’t be caught off guard. Join us this October for the security roadshow, and together, we can take the lead in making our communities safer.

Click HERE to book your seat and for more details on the location, schedule and dates.