With the race to connect the unconnected citizens in sub-Sahara Africa, many of the industry’s best minds are backing wireless as a convenient, robust, ready-to-ship solution. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can reach new customers sooner and begin layering services before their competition rolls in. There are no two ways about it. Our customers need faster connectivity but cannot wait for fibre to roll past their area. We’ve seen first-hand that when ISPs move too slowly, the big telcos swoop in with uncompetitive data packages, essentially mooting any possibility of the service provider gaining traction in the area.

At MiRO, we sourced the perfect solutions from SIAE to help service providers deliver high bandwidth, low latency and faster speeds at exceptionally lower costs than its fibre alternative. Using this approach, you can expand your networks in a matter of days or weeks, all without the time and cost of running additional cable.

SIAE is a leading manufacturer of innovative and high-performance microwave network solutions with over seven decades of experience and presence in up to 80 countries. It is acclaimed for its full-outdoor, full IP, next-generation Alfoplus and Alfoplus2 series of carrier-grade microwave outdoor unit (ODU) radios which offer you great consistency, uptime and throughput.

The wireless backhaul solution YOU need

SIAE’s range features carrier-grade outdoor IP radios that offer guaranteed throughput and uptime availability, ensuring consistent and interference-free PtP links of up to 30 kilometres.

At MiRO, we can offer you these powerful SIAE microwave solutions to enable you to thrive in the market and deliver quality service to your customers:

  1. The ALFOplus2 11GHz microwave solution

The ALFOplus2 is a next-generation ultra-high capacity, fully outdoor carrier-grade solution offering up to 1Gbps throughput on the ICASA-licensed 11GHz spectrum. With this solution, you can roll out as many complete IP backhaul networks as you desire at the lowest power consumption while delivering exceptional, interference-free connectivity of up to 30 kilometres. Additional features include dual-polarisation antennas, 4096 QAM with interference cancelling technology, dual-core radios, two 60cm dishes, two PoE injectors, connectors, a 1Gbps license and a grounding kit.

  1. The ALFOplus 17GHz microwave solution

The ALFOplus 17GHz link is an entirely outdoor IP microwave solution featuring carrier-grade performance on the 17GHz spectrum with up to 500Mbps throughput and link distances of up to 30 kilometres. This solution is for you if you’re looking for fast, flexible,

high-performance and energy-efficient IP networks. Additional features include two fully outdoor IP67 microwave radios, a standard 100Mbps license (upgradeable to 500Mbps), connectors, a grounding kit and peripherals.

The SIAE ALFOplus solutions allow you to select channel widths of 7Mhz, 12MHz, 28MHz and 56MHz, combined with link modulations between 4QAM and 1024QAM. This flexibility provides ISPs with enough scalability to produce their desired throughput. Our ICASA Type Approved radios will ensure that you’re always within the legal limitations and regulations when deploying your solutions from MiRO.

There’s never been a better time to deploy a fibre/wireless hybrid solution. It’s time to take the fight to the big telcos and start winning back some ground by being the first to move into an area, setting up shop and delivering top-class internet to the community. Only through focussing on speed and quality can David take on Goliath.

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