Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) are under pressure to deliver capacity and latency levels akin to their fibre internet counterparts. Achieving this while retaining all of the benefits of fixed wireless (flexibility, agility and affordability) can be difficult if you do not have the right partners in your corner.

Providing stable high-speed connectivity in interference-ridden unlicensed bands requires an innovative solution designed specifically to meet these demands. RADWIN has proven that WISPs no longer need to choose between high-quality, premium-priced and inexpensive, low-quality-ridden solutions.

This is where RADWIN’s NEO Point-to-Multipoint series excels. By delivering subscriber speeds of more than 100Mbps with unmatched reliability and latency in unlicensed 5GHz bands, WISPs can gain some ground in affluent areas lost to fibre providers.

Why do we trust the RADWIN NEO PtMP?

Thanks to advancements in their antenna technology, RADWIN’s bi-directional beamforming NEO can deliver high-performance fixed wireless access (FWA) services at budget-beating price tags, all enabled by RADWIN’s advanced technology.

Instead of a typical wide-beam antenna, the RADWIN base station uses a narrow, steerable beam for uplink and downlink transmissions. Typically, unlicensed spectrum interference significantly reduces PtMP coverage and link stability. However, RADWIN’s narrow steerable beam rejects interference by approximately 18dB to ensure spatial interference filtering.

A dual carrier base station incorporates two radios into a single unit. Both radios work in separate frequency channels and feed independent antennas. Each pair of radios and antennas covers the overall sector but simultaneously serves a different customer group. Dual carrier increases capacity per base station unit, saving tower space and rental costs. More significantly, it offers Prime-Carrier capabilities.

Prime-Carrier assures reliable quality transmissions by dynamically switching between the carriers per individual Subscriber Unit (SU) when link capacity or stability is compromised.

RADWIN NEO’s Management Tools

Any network hardware solution can be rendered unusable without proper planning and management tools.

RADWIN OSS provides tools that support all operational aspects of the network lifecycle, addressing radio planning, network deployment, unit installations, service commissioning and network management and maintenance.

  1. WINPlan– Plan your wireless network roll-out with RADWIN WINPlan to secure optimal coverage and capacity, minimise capital and operational expenditures, and ensure the best spectrum resource allocation. Supporting RADWIN’s PtMP portfolio, WINPlan is an indispensable cloud-based tool that provides significant value when planning or expanding RADWIN-backed wireless networks, connecting new customers, or evaluating the total cost of ownership before rolling out a network.
  2. WINDeploy– Manage and monitor your project deployment with the WINDeploy cloud-based platform. Import installation tasks, dispatch work orders to installation teams and monitor the deployment quality, efficiency, and real-time progress of network roll-outs.
  3. WINTouch+– Simplify the installation process with automated SU configuration, antenna alignment and service quality verification. WINTouch+ communicates over the cloud with WINDeploy to streamline the end-to-end installation process, from work order receipt to installation reporting and documentation.
  4. WINManage– Manage and monitor online network devices, interfaces, and services with a highly scalable, on-premises, web-based management system. Using flexible and customisable dashboards and reports, efficiently perform: network configurations, service provisioning, fault management, performance monitoring and user security management.

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