We’ve all become used to the rolling blackouts that have darkened our homes and businesses and damaged our economy and quality of life. However, we are not the sole recipients of these unfortunate and uncontrollable events. When our standard grid voltages and frequencies are exceeded, electrical surges generate heat that damages our networking equipment. A significant surge can instantly cause permanent damage, and even minor disruptions shorten your equipment’s lifespan. Some leading factors to this issue include power grid switching, load-shedding and electrical storms.

What if there was a way to protect your equipment? An easy and affordable way to protect your active equipment from power surges is by using an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), buying you enough time to disconnect them safely and prevent irreparable harm.

At MiRO, we have a prominent solution and proudly deliver it to hundreds of installers, data centre managers, and Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP)s across the Southern African region.

How can we protect our active appliances?

Acconet offers businesses, installers and WISPs the flexibility to stay connected and powered during outages. Acconet’s UPS’ will grant your team sufficient time to safely disconnect your equipment or initiate your backup power system, preventing service disruptions and equipment damage.

Acconet UPS’ are available in various forms, including online, offline and line-interactive systems.

  • The Offline System are highly affordable and only activates shortly after the outage. The range includes the 700VA1200VA and 2000VA UPS’.
  • The Line-interactive System consists of the buck-boost system, which ensures a stable voltage supply while using the transformer/inverter to charge the batteries and provide power simultaneously. If the power fails, the unit only needs to switch the direction of the transformer/inverter to provide energy instead of charging the batteries, causing minimal delays when blackouts occur. This range includes the 12V 2.3A Mini UPS and PoE Mini UPS.
  • The Online Systems are highly reliable as it uses a double conversion system that enables the transformer/inverter to run constantly, resulting in zero delays when switching to the batteries for power. It protects your equipment even if you use the grid, filtering and smoothing out the frequency and providing a constant and stable output voltage through its double conversion system. In this online range we have the 2000VA Online Rack Mounted UPS3000VA Online Rack Mounted UPS and lastly, the 6000VA Online Tower UPS.

With these solutions, you need not worry about lasting damage to any of your equipment during power outages. Depending on your desired solution, the UPS will kickstart and continue running while you prepare your backup system.

Browse through MiRO’s range of UPS and connectivity solutions at www.miro.co.za. You can also contact us via landline (or WhatsApp) at 012 657 0960 or send an email to [email protected].