Undoubtedly, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)s have revolutionised remote work and have accelerated the transition to working from home and office hybrid cultures. While our data remained secure and private, our voice networks were considered an afterthought. With considerable time down the line, it’s only now that teams are waking up to the frustrations of running voice over a VPN. With poor network quality, latency issues and packet losses (jitter), businesses are searching for a solution to bridge the gap between remote flexibility and office network security and quality.

Introducing the UCM RemoteConnect. It is a powerful tool for any Grandstream installer looking to expand and manage their fleets of UCM6300s and supporting VoIP phones.

Why choose the UCM RemoteConnect?

The UCM RemoteConnect offers three watershed features:

  • Add, configure and manage UCM6300 IP PBXs.
  • Create cloud backups of UCM configurations to ensure easy rollbacks of any UCM6300 IP PBX.
  • Monitor the call quality of remote VoIP clients that use UCM RemoteConnect’s NAT Firewall traversal to connect to a central UCM6300 IP PBX.

Remote VoIP clients can utilise the NAT Firewall Traversal to seamlessly connect to a deployed UCM6300 as if the phone was deployed within the same LAN as the UCM. This allows the installer to painlessly configure and manage the device as they would for any device within the network.

Best of all, it bypasses the need to set up complicated VLANs or VPNs to have a hybrid on-site and remote work solution. With this feature, a business can have the accessible infrastructure of a cloud communications solution with the customizability and control of an on-site device.

Guarantee your business has the right tools to transition to a hybrid workforce and ensure your teams remain productive and connected at all times. Contact us at [email protected] to find out how you can transition your business to a hybrid culture. You can also call (and WhatsApp) us on 012 657 0960.