We are excited to announce that as of May the 3rd, 2023, MiRO is an official distributor of AJAX systems. With our expertise and national footprint, we will provide the South African market with a wide range of innovative, reliable, and cost-effective solutions from AJAX systems.

Securing your home and business has just become easier with AJAX – the trusted name in wireless smart security. With a comprehensive range of wireless sensors, automation systems, and more, AJAX delivers advanced features, reliability, and ease of use. You will enjoy remote monitoring, smart home device integration, zero false alarms or tampering with no monthly subscription fees.

4 reasons why you should choose AJAX?

The South African market can expect several exciting benefits from AJAX’s product offerings.

  1. The wireless design on AJAX’s solutions allows for easy and quick installation, with no complexity in wiring or drilling, making their solutions ideal for both residential and commercial properties, including those that are difficult to access or have limited space.
  2. AJAX’s advanced security features are tailored to South African needs, to protect home and businesses. The system’s intelligent motion detectors are capable of distinguishing between human movements and other objects, minimising false alarms. The system also includes features such as fire detection and flood prevention, which are especially important in a country that experiences frequent power outages and severe weather conditions.
  3. Their mobile app allows users to manage their security system from anywhere, providing real-time alerts and notifications. This is especially useful for South African homeowners and businesses that may have remote or multiple properties, as they can monitor their security system from a distance.
  4. AJAX’s product line is built on advanced encryption algorithms that provide users with high-end security, protecting them against cyber-attacks. This is important in a country that has a high rate of crime and is vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

With this partnership, MiRO’s expert team will be able to offer customers a comprehensive range of wireless smart security solutions from AJAX Systems. The partnership will also enable MiRO to expand its product offering and provide customers with a one-stop-shop for all their best-of-breed wireless products, specialised training, pre-configuration services, pre-sales and after-sales support – saving customers time and money.

For more information on AJAX Systems’ product range, click here or contact [email protected] to learn more.