MiX Telematics partnered with ISUZU Motors South Africa (IMSAf) to provide a fleet management solution for the latest new-generation ISUZU truck range – the N-, F- and FX-SERIES – helping its Customers to reduce operating costs, mitigate risk, increase profitability, and enhance customer service.

The ISUZU INSIGHT online platform is a custom-built OEM solution available as a subscription telematics service from ISUZU Dealerships countrywide. The subscription can either be added as an upfront fee when the new truck is purchased or paid as a monthly subscription fee from R299 per month (with no additional add-on services or accessories). This fleet management solution comprises a sophisticated on-board computer pre-installed in the truck on the production line, which means there is no downtime of the asset to have the telematics device installed at a later stage.

Henry Smith, Fleet Sales Director at MiX Telematics explains that the telematics solution is engineered directly into the vehicle as opposed to being an aftermarket fitment. “From a solutions perspective, it means we can supply ISUZU and its Customers with the latest technology and our trusted value-added services like the Beame stolen vehicle recovery service,” says Smith.

The solution allows for drivers and vehicles to be monitored 24/7 via the online platform for efficiency and safety purposes. Driving behaviour can also be monitored and corrected thanks to advanced reporting and analytics. Activity timelines accessible via the online platform illustrate utilisation patterns and assist in optimising fleet efficiency and fuel consumption. Simply keeping tabs on fuel usage, for example, can result in an immediate 15% saving in fuel costs.

The system also improves uptime of vehicles, as Diagnostic Fault Codes are identified early on, and service reminders allows for forward planning and scheduling. Customer service is further enhanced with features such as a ‘find the nearest vehicle’ function which allows fleet managers to identify the closest vehicle to a Customer for quicker turnaround times.

MiX Telematics also offers a range of compatible value-added services and peripheral accessories that can be integrated into ISUZU INSIGHT. In addition to the Beame recovery service (with the wireless device also pre-installed in ISUZU trucks), the customer can add a MiX Vision AI security camera, the in-cab voice kit, a panic button, and a breathalyser, as well as subscribing to the MiX Track and React 24/7 fleet bureau service.

ISUZU Customers who want to keep their current telematics service provider can subscribe to ISUZU INSIGHT to access the online platform but will not have the advantage of the rich analytics and insights provided via the MiX on-board hardware. The Customer will also not have access to the range of services and add-on accessories provided by MiX Telematics.

While the ISUZU connected truck concept is focused on commercial vehicles at present, Smith anticipates the OEM to extend its telematics solution to passenger vehicles in the near feature, meaning that ultimately all ISUZU vehicles will have the embedded telematics hardware.

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