Building our future as a country is more than a hopeful phrase or an ideal. It means collectively addressing our crisis in education.

In celebration of 20 years of existence, distance learning private college Oxbridge Academy is thrilled to announce the launch of ten full scholarships.

In 1997, Oxbridge Academy opened its doors and has since grown into a large team and an established institution. The college has acquired online courses and branched into the realm of virtual education too. For 20 years, Oxbridge Academy has been committed to addressing the divide in accessible learning, an issue severely hurting South Africa at the moment.

The mission has been to provide effortless excellence in education specifically in the TVET sector. Given South Africa’s extreme income disparities in light of the current educational landscape, the TVET sector is a vital space, as alternatives to university institutions need to be explored. Distance learning eliminates travel and residency costs and provides more affordable and flexible fee structures.

It is in this spirit of growth, upliftment and accessibility that Oxbridge Academy is delighted to launch ten Oxbridge Academy Scholarships in 2017 that will cover the full course fees for all three levels in one of the following streams:

  • Business Management N4 – N6
  • Educare N4 – N6
  • Financial Management N4 – N6
  • Human Resource Management N4 – N6
  • Legal OR Medical Secretary N4 – N6
  • Management Assistant N4 – N6
  • Marketing Management N4 – N6
  • Public Relations N4 – N6
  • Public Management N4 – N6
  • Tourism N4 – N6

As the year 2017 marks two decades of Oxbridge Academy’s existence, we’d like to introduce our 20-year theme of A Life with Options. This is the notion and reality that, through vocational education, any individual can change the course of their life in pursuit of stimulating work that is meaningful to them and their interests or passions.

You can apply for an Oxbridge Academy 2017 scholarship by going to this link on the Oxbridge Academy website and completing the online scholarship application form.

Simply fill in your personal details, answer three questions (using no more than 200 words each) and attach the required documentation (copy of your ID/passport and a copy of your highest qualification certification) before 28 February 2017.

The ten recipients will be chosen on merit based on their answers to the three questions provided on the online form. The ten recipients will be announced on 10 March 2017 on the Oxbridge Academy Facebook Page as well as on the Oxbridge Academy website.

Applicants must be over 16 years of age, must be fluent in English and must meet the entry requirements for their chosen streams. Recipients are obligated to complete all three levels of their chosen stream within six years of registration.

We invite you to apply today and start living your best life with options as we, at Oxbridge Academy, continue to help bridge the gap in education for the next 20 years to come.

Closing date: 28 February 2017

Announcement: 10 March 2017

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