Investec Private Banking launches #MoreThanData

In an age of increased reliance on big data and analytics, organisations are using broad brushstrokes to paint a picture of their customers and to deliver generic financial services solutions.

The concept of ‘customised’ offerings is being lost to algorithms, averages, collective needs and predefined silos. Data often gets the numbers right, but the people wrong.

For this reason, Investec Private Banking is offering an alternative perspective on bank-client relations with a new campaign #MoreThanData that focuses on the importance of individual needs, wants and preferences.

Deon Katz, Investec’s Head of Private Bank (South Africa) explains, “Investec uses sophisticated data analytics as enabling tools. But, we don’t believe in a one-dimensional approach where we place clients into rigid, defined boxes.

“It’s impossible for cold data to tell us who they really are. We take the time to get to know our clients personally and professionally and form long-term relationships with them.

“This enables us to personalise our products and services and ultimately ensures an extraordinary client experience.”

The marketing campaign, launched on 7 February 2017 at Investec’s Sandton head office, drives home this #MoreThanData message across print, cinema, digital and social media channels.

The campaign kicked off with three vignettes where Luke Jedeikin, Abed Tau and Nothando Moleketi illustrate how data can only tell some of their story.

Generalised assumptions are most often incorrect and people are so much more than what their data suggests or predicts.

The main #MoreThanData film then explains Investec’s philosophy that while other banks might see clients as the sum of their data, Investec sees the individual.

Katz continues, “This approach is not new for Investec. This personal connection with our clients and an exceptional client experience is at Investec Private Banking’s core.

“It is something we have always been known for and it continues to be our key differentiator. We believe in a client experience that is personal, flexible and simply out of the ordinary.”

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Investec Private Banking launches #MoreThanData