Networks Unlimited launches PhishMe in SA

Networks Unlimited has added PhishMe, an end-to-end phishing mitigation solution, to its security offering for customers in South Africa.

PhishMe’s human phishing defence solutions provide comprehensive phishing defence from the inbox to the SOC, conditioning users to recognise and report phishing attacks while eliminating phishing related breaches by speeding the collection and response of phishing threats in real time.

With more than 90% of breaches caused as a result of spear-phishing, it’s no surprise that more than half of the Fortune 100 trusts PhishMe to help neutralise this dangerous attack vector.

PhishMe focuses on solutions for the problem of phishing – the most effective attack vector used in more than 90% of successful breaches – and is dedicated to providing the highest quality cyber security solutions and we continue to innovate with dozens of patented technology used in our solutions.

Phishing attacks, like ransomware and business email compromise (BEC), target people – so when a phish gets through your technology, your employees need to be able to recognise the attempt.

The PhishMe Simulator conditions employee behaviour via real-world phishing simulations to provide safe, hands-on experience and learning opportunities.

“The beauty of this type of immersive training is that it doesn’t require lengthy training, and most employees only need to be caught out once to learn not to click on suspicious links in emails,” says Gordon Lawson, PhishMe Senior Global Vice President.

“You don’t want the first phishing email that a person sees to be a real one – you want them to already be conditioned to looking for something suspicious.”

Security Operations and Incident Response teams have the daunting and thankless job of sorting through alarms and reports to determine what’s real and what isn’t, and PhishMe helps to significantly speed the collection, analysis and response to real phishing threats.

Phishme Triage is a phishing incident response platform that enables fast collection and analysis of phishing threats to find real threats in real-time.

“But it’s not enough to delete a bad email. Employees are your last line of defence and your best source of knowledge,” Lawson adds.

Engaging them to report attacks in progress can significantly decrease time to respond to developing threats and attacks in progress, and to assist this, PhishMe offers the PhishMe Reporter that turns employees into informants with a simple email add-on to send suspicious emails to security teams for analysis.

Yet, not all intelligence sources are the same, and PhishMe focuses on phishing-specific threats and provides human-vetted analysis of phishing and ransomware campaigns and the malware they contain. Easily integrated across multiple security solutions – you can respond to real threats in less time.

With PhishMe Intelligence, you can respond to real threats in less time with PhishMe’s database of phishing specific threats and intelligence gathered in the wild and delivered via machine readable (MRTI) and with full human verified analysis reporting.

“The system works, and by the third time you send out immersive training emails, almost everyone in your organisation will be conditioned to consider emails more carefully,” adds Lawson.

“Repetition builds proficiency, and human sensors build resiliency, and the key to negating cyber risk is the concept of sensing something and doing something.”

PhishMe has been recognised as an industry leader with awards including Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500, INC 5000, SC Magazine’s BEST Awards, E&Y, and Tech Trailblazers to name but a few.

For more information, visit the Networks Unlimited website.

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Networks Unlimited launches PhishMe in SA