Are you fixed or adaptive?

In an age of disruptive start-ups and diminishing competitive barriers, it’s more important than ever before to understand your customers and to act on that insight faster than the competition.

“Change has become a fact, and no matter how much you rage against it, it’s going to continue,” says Thabang Ramogase, Mindshare CEO.

“As such, adaptivity is vital to success – because change is going to happen whether you pursue it or not.”

Global cultural, technological and information revolution has created a new world in which being adaptive is key and where everything begins and ends in media.

Adaptive marketing includes strategies designed to leverage fast and slow moving data in order to give a company a competitive advantage.

Through adaptive marketing, rapidly applying even just a single source of real-time data can lead to happier customers and better ROI.

It’s an approach that enables marketers to rapidly tailor their activities to meet their customers’ interests and needs based on data.

It’s not just about advertising, but adapting every part of the marketing mix as well as the product itself to connect more consumers with the brand, make it more relevant to everyone and deliver more benefits.

“Our ambition is to be, together with our media partners, our clients most valued business partner by helping them successfully navigate a shifting landscape through adaptive marketing,” says Ramogase.

“Technology is evolving faster than humankind itself, and the challenge is going to be how we keep up, how can we anticipate future trends, and how we react to it faster than our competitors.

“At Mindshare, we see these changes in technology and shifts in society as an opportunity and also to invest in our people to do the best work of their careers.”

For more information, visit the Mindshare website.

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Are you fixed or adaptive?