BSG has operated for the last 20 years, gaining invaluable experience, and is home-grown with a uniquely South African culture.

As an African business with 20 years in the industry, BSG has become a real alternative to the global consulting companies, and owe their success to hard work and determination.

Trade and Industry Minister, Rob Davies, said in May 2013, that about 70% of small businesses fail within their first year.

Nurturing a South African start-up on a 20-year journey to maturity is no small feat considering the South African small business failure rate.

Through their experience, BSG has learnt that it is by combining leading global knowledge and local experience to create uniquely African solutions that success is achieved.

“We are proud of our Afrocentric roots and recognise that this has played a big role in the sustainable success of our business,” says Greg Reis, BSG CEO.

Given the rapid acceleration of digital channels and their impact on the customer interface, data becomes central to formulating working operating models that both support business and integrate the value its IT function offers.

With this in mind, BSG began introducing the idea that new operating models should be driven by the science present in their clients’ data.

And it has therefore been breaking down silos, focused more on customer experience, and pioneering the understanding that the facts resident in data should drive business operating models.

What makes BSG stand out above their competitors is that they add value by upskilling our clients, executing exceptionally well by using common-sense and essentially collaborating.

“Through applying the 70:20:10 learning principle, we empower our clients to learn on the ground while working with our consultants,” says Reis.

“What sets us apart is that we challenge the common perception of what a consultant is and what the consultation process looks like.”

Looking to build your own business?

For business owners looking to start their own company, a great start would be to hire people that are far more capable than you are.

On top of that, you need to create the structure to give them freedom to apply their talent.

During these 20 years, BSG has learnt that to stand out above competitors you need to:

  • Remove frozen behaviour to move forward.
  • Look for simplicity amongst overwhelming complexity.
  • Simply be great at what you do and make an authentic difference.
  • Build relationships.
  • Gain experience – it matters.

BSG further advises that you need to create a vision that is inspiring and purposefully led, take risks, be courageous, and be happy to be most unpopular person in the room in pursuit of your purpose.

What the future holds for BSG

BSG’s future is looking bright as they are already pioneering the use of data as a mechanism to get the answers for how their clients should be creating the experiences their own customers need.

Going forward, BSG will then be a launch pad for their clients who want to work more effectively to pragmatically innovate their processes.

To find out more about BSG’s services, visit their website.