WIRUlink wins awards in Tech and Large Business Comms categories

WIRUlink is a licensed telecommunications service provider, offer voice and data services to business and homes in South Africa.

Recently WIRUlink received the title of Gold winner of ROCCI & FNB Business Awards in the Technology category and had also been awarded the winner of WRCBT Independent Entrepreneurs in the Large Business Communications category.

WIRUlink thanks their success to the skills and experience of the WIRUlink network engineers which enable them to build, expand and operate one of the most advanced wireless networks in South Africa.

The network and all equipment are fully owned and managed by WIRUlink without making use of third-party networks.

“This enables us to better monitor, manage and maintain the network. We pride ourselves in offering fast, affordable and reliable telecommunication services to our customers and our successful track record proves the same,” says WIRUlink.

Through their complete range of services and customised solutions, WIRUlink has become a true market leader and full-service telecommunication services provider.

Operating since 2010, WIRUlink has rapidly expanded its network coverage and customer base.

This is attributed to proper network planning and maintenance, excellent customer service and correct market positioning.

Through WIRUlink management’s hands-on approach and daily involvement, WIRUlink can continuously develop new solutions and adapt the network as industry and customer demands change and technology advances.

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WIRUlink wins awards in Tech and Large Business Comms categories