Tarsus on Demand is looking for premier partners

Tarsus Cloud on Demand is a South African cloud vendor and hybrid cloud enablement partner offering a platform, complimentary applications, and solutions to help businesses embrace the benefits of cloud technology easily and cost-effectively.

The company was born out of a private company called Cloud on Demand – which has been operating in a nexus of 5 years – and out of providing a local cloud and hosting service through their partner channel.

Cloud on Demand provides a comprehensive infrastructure-as-a-service platform for delivering a range of IT Services from the Cloud.

Tarsus on Demand allows partners to resell pre-packaged solutions or build their own branded and customised solutions for their customers, without the need to make the significant investment in cloud infrastructure.

The company also believes that by embracing cloud, partners can create an incremental source of predictable and high-margin revenue, and enable server, storage, and networking sales that they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to sell prior to strategic cloud discussions.

“The channel is essential in helping businesses to embrace cloud technologies and take the leap of faith to utilise cloud services,” said Tarsus on Demand.

More reasons and benefits to partner with Tarsus on Demand

Tarsus on Demand only operates through their partner channel, which means they never compete with their partners, but rather allow partners to engage with their customers and leverage the solutions and products Tarsus offers.

By partnering with Tarsus on Demand, partners won’t have to face the risks and pains, which are paired with engagement with vendors – whether it is from a target perspective, compliancy or other commitments, or whether it is from the qualifications and the exams that that need to be complied on to utilise the products or service.

“We, as Tarsus on Demand, have taken elements away, so partners are able to procure all the variants of different cloud services through us, simplifying the process of delivering solutions to their customers,” said Oliver Niemandt, Tarsus Sales Manager.

The benefit of Tarsus on Demand is for partners to be able to leverage the people in the Tarsus environment – it’s not just about procuring a certain product or a certain service.

“We don’t want to be known as a distributor that offers a certain licence or service, and then leave partners to figure out or solve it on their own,” said Niemandt. “We have a vast array of product managers that are qualified for each of our certain segments and stacks, and we want to encourage our clients to utilise them to make sure that they understand the product which they are discussing with clients, and how you can then take it to market.”

Tarsus also has solution architects and pre-sales engineers, who are there to assist clients with technical elements and help them understand, so they can go to their own customers with regards to building an environment.

“We don’t want to leave any of our partners in the deep end. All our partners can have their own dedicated business development manager with deep understanding of that specific business, who knows what the go-to-market strategy for that business is, and who will assist them with aligning the solution we offer with it,” said Niemandt.

Their value proposition is that their clients have the engagement with the customer, and that Tarsus relies on the client as much as the client relies on them.

“We offer the solutions and products, and we engage with you and your customers. What’s important to understand is that we are in a partnership, we are a team,” said Niemandt.

Tarsus introduces Odin – an automation, self-service, and orchestration platform

One of Tarsus’ latest products in their stack is Odin. By investing a lot in this service, Tarsus on Demand, provides partners with a central point to procure various cloud services and tier 1 products in the automation system.

Odin offers self-service in the orchestration, as well as billing. Besides being able to procure services through Tarsus on Demand, partners can take it to the next level and present it to their own client-base.

Partners can also create their own bundles, which is how Odin allows them to deliver their own services at the next level, and get their customers to engage with them.

Some of Tarsus key products in their stack include:

  • arcserve
  • Acronis
  • Bitco
  • BitTitan
  • inSync,
  • Microsoft CSP 365,
  • Odin (service automation)
  • Mimecast – specific verticals
  • VDC – Virtual Data Centre
  • Vodacom

Whether you are an end user testing cloud services, a partner deploying cloud solutions, or a service provider looking for a way to provide cloud solutions to a broader customer base and partner channel, Tarsus is able to assist.

For more information, visit the Tarsus on Demand website.

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Tarsus on Demand is looking for premier partners