Cloud 2021 – Hear from iOCO’s Richard Vester

MyBroadband’s Cloud 2021 Online Conference will take place on 21 September.

Hear from iOCO’s Cloud expert Richard Vester about “The state of the Cloud in South Africa”.

Vester is the Cluster Executive of iOCO, Africa’s leading IT service provider. He will share unique insight into how the Cloud fits into the current and future business climate in South Africa.

Vester’s interview is one you can’t afford to miss – no matter the size of your business or the state of your cloud journey.

About the speaker

Vester launched iOCO’s Cloud business nine years ago and its success has resulted in recent expansion into Europe.

This experience makes him a crucial source of leadership for the strategic growth and direction of the iOCO business across all platforms globally.

In total, Vester has over two decades of experience in the ICT sector and has worked with many leading ICT companies throughout this journey – both locally and internationally.

Vester is equipped with a holistic understanding of the ICT market and the platforms, support, and services required to continually innovate.

What to expect

In this MyBroadband Cloud 2021 Online Conference interview, Vester discusses how Cloud service adoption can be supported by existing infrastructure within organisations, allowing them to use hyperscaling to save money by reducing their cloud service costs.

He also reviews costs involved in storing data in the Cloud and explains how essential it is to have your data readily accessible in the Cloud.

Vester walks through how companies can keep their data safe in the Cloud with modern security solutions, and talks about the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and national lockdowns on companies’ Cloud strategies.

Finally, he explains why organisations should work with a service provider like iOCO to assess their needs and design an appropriate hyperscaler platform.

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Cloud 2021 – Hear from iOCO’s Richard Vester