Nebula’s CEO Daniel Nel on how to build a High Performance Business

May 17th, 2016

Daniel Nel, CEO of Nebula

The key to having a high performance company is simplicity, according to Daniel Nel, CEO of Nebula.

Nebula is a leading telecoms innovations firm, passionate about the achievement and success of their clients. Nebula helps enterprises simplify their fast-paced and ever changing telecoms environment by eliminating complexity to give their clients optimised control, speed and accuracy. Nebula offers a unique set of next generation telecoms solutions to give organisations enhanced capability to manage and optimise your entire telecoms environment. ‘High performance’ is one of the key concepts that provides the guiding motivation within Nebula.

According to Nel, a high performance company is not content to just get by and be average. In order to gain high performance one must constantly look at how you can get the extra 20% that everyone else struggles to get. “You have to be better than average and find a niche area where you can offer something unique. This could mean 20% higher quality, 20% faster, 20% more efficient, 20% smarter. Having a high performance company is taking that extra bit that you dream of, and making it a reality.”

This is something that Nebula has embraced for themselves, and also wants to enable within their clients.

“Nebula is striving to redefine how high performance can play a role in successful business strategies. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, in order to become a high performance company one has to embrace simplicity in everything you do,” says Nel.

We are living in a new performance world where technology is becoming increasingly complex and every single action must be tracked and measured more precisely than ever before. This new reality creates increasing pressure and complexity in the business environment.

In order to counter this, companies must implement an ethos of simplicity, looking at how internal business processes can be simplified to reduce the complexity of tasks for staff, and improve the ease of doing businesses with you for clients.

“In the modern world of business, optimising waste is no longer the biggest problem, but rather combatting the resulting complexity that robs your business system of agility, resilience and focused decision-making. Technology and innovation will take care of the optimisation problem, the thing we need to manage is the complexity issues, and the best way to combat complexity is through simplicity thinking and paradigm,” says Nel.

This often involves putting a lot of work into the backend of systems and processes to make the frontend interface easier and more intuitive. This can include automating tasks that were previously done manually, and creating a dashboard view of internal systems and processes.

According to Nel, one of the key components of a high performance business is high performance employees. By managing the human capital in a business it is possible to increase stability and predictability. In Nel’s opinion the key to this is finding talented people and making their work meaningful, which allows them to grow and be happy, successful employees. This is true for everyone: from developer, to manager, to implementer. If a leader approaches their employees with openness and trust they can make new connections and spark new ideas.

“Simplicity is a mind-set that needs to be adopted and lived by everyone in the organisation. Everyone in the system should have the ability to focus on their skillset and responsibility in order to deliver a simple product offering that is greater than the sum of its parts.”

For example when it comes to their telecoms, companies will often buy things they don’t need, or buy the wrong things. According to Nel, service providers are often guilty of making ‘bad profits’ out of companies by charging them for products and services that they are not using or do not need as well as billing them incorrectly.

Nebula has therefore become the independent translator between service providers and enterprises, to make sure clients buy the products that will support their business needs and increase their business performance. Nebula gives their clients the power to automate complex tasks, highlight and minimize risks and make pro-active decisions.

By simplifying the telecoms environment in this way, Nebula enables businesses to strive for their own high performance.