Nebula launches OneView for high performance telecoms

Jun 29th, 2016

Oneview Diagram

Large enterprises have fast-paced and intricate telecoms environments that are becoming overly complex and difficult to manage as the rate of technology innovation increases. By implementing the correct tools however, it is possible to provide in-depth visibility and full control over the enterprise’s telecoms usage, spend and performance.

Nebula, a leading South African telecoms innovation firm, has been creating massive savings and optimisation for enterprise businesses with its new Enterprise Mobile Management Service OneView™.

OneView™ is a Microsoft certified, cloud-based telecoms lifecycle management platform. It gives companies the ability to manage the entire telecoms ecosystem, including infrastructure, fixed-voice services, mobile devices, SIM cards, contracts, and spend, in real time and across all service providers.

As a complete multivendor system, it provides an independent view of the entire internal telecoms environment in a business. This gives companies the knowledge and insight they need to make strategic business decisions about their telecoms spend, from extending data bundles, to down- or upgrading service plans, to choosing the best combination of service providers, and even buying out their current contracts in favour of a better deal elsewhere.

By improving operational efficiencies, the OneView™ system creates large-scale savings through optimising telecoms spend, reducing wastage and automating complex administrative tasks and internal support.

“In the modern world of business, optimising waste is no longer the biggest problem, but rather combatting the resulting complexity that robs your business system of agility, resilience and focused decision making.”, says Nebula founder and CEO, Daniel Nel. “Modern connectivity and communication is in large part driven by the ever-increasing speed of innovation and adoption by users and organisations alike. The end result is the creation of more information, more connections, and more data to manage, understand, and optimise. The business impact of this is millions upon millions of bottom-line revenue loss on a yearly basis.”

In order to combat this complexity Nebula developed OneView™, which automates the business telecoms environment and brings all the parts into focus.

OneView™ enables improved and increased visibility on the deployment and usage of all SIM based devices deployed within a company. This allows businesses to control and visualise all mobile elements.

It also provides infrastructure management and support for all fixed-line and WAN services. Identifying cost improvements such as Inactive line removal, verifying unknown numbers and allocating known unmapped numbers, as well as generating an overview of the fixed-data environment, across all cost centres and service providers.

An objective, real-time dashboard of what is going on in the telecoms environment gives companies line-of-sight across the entire ecosystem. This means control, and therefore a more effective approach to managing complexity.

Enabling continuous optimisation such as identifying overbilling, user abuse, and incorrect use, OneView™ can reduce enterprise telecoms bills by over 20% year-on-year. It also allows for the tracking and monitoring of data usage in near real-time, due to the direct integration into South African mobile services.

“As a telecoms innovations firm, we have seen the telecoms environment change and shift radically during the past decade and more.” Says Nel, “As businesses we exist to create value in the lives of our clients and their companies or enterprises. This means that through focusing on the real complexity needs of our clients, we can more effectively innovate in order to create simple, real-world value for our clients that can be measured in their bottom-line return and growth.”