Nebula Receives Frost and Sullivan Award for Telecoms Solution

Aug 30th, 2016

Nebula Receives Frost & Sullivan Award for Telecoms Solution

Leading South African telecoms innovation firm, Nebula, has been awarded Frost & Sullivan’s “2016 South African Telecommunications Management Solutions Product Leadership Award” for its OneView™ Telecoms Lifecycle Management system.

The prestigious Frost & Sullivan Product Leadership Awards acknowledge companies in various regional and global markets for exceptional leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. The purpose of the awards is to help drive innovation, excellence, and a positive change in the global economy by honouring best-in-class products, companies, and individuals.

Frost & Sullivan’s analytical team evaluates the performance of top industry players through rigorous independent primary interviews and secondary industry research in their quest to identify the market’s true leaders and innovators.

“Nebula is very pleased to be receiving this award,” says Daniel Nel, CEO and Founder of Nebula, “As a telecoms innovation firm in the telecommunications field, we have seen the telecoms environment change and shift radically in recent years. We created OneView as a way of focusing on the real, complex needs of our clients, so that we can more effectively create simple, real-world value that can be measured in their bottom-line return and growth.”

Nebula’s OneView is a Microsoft-certified, cloud-based telecoms lifecycle management solution that enables companies to manage their entire telecoms ecosystem.

According to Frost & Sullivan’s independent research, “OneView enables effective and efficient management of telecommunications expenditure, usage, and performance. Ultimately, OneView presents itself as a partner in assisting enterprises to manage the complexity and challenges that come with digitalization.”

Frost & Sullivan believes that companies need to embrace digitalisation if they are to survive. One of the challenges of digitalisation; however, is increasing complexity in the telecommunications environment. Nebula’s OneView telecommunications management solution alleviates this problem by giving clients a single, independent view across all telecommunications service providers in real time. As a result, companies have the required knowledge and insight to make strategic business decisions regarding their telecoms spend and performance.

Nebula’s OneView solution focuses significantly on the direct and indirect cost savings the customer can achieve. By optimising their telecoms environment, Nebula’s clients are typically able to save 30% to 40% in direct telecoms costs. Indirect savings, while more difficult to measure, can be as high as 70%.

According to Frost & Sullivan’s findings, a significant factor in Nebula’s success is its industry leading time-to-market. Because OneView is a cloud-based solution, the actual software does not require installation. It; therefore, takes a maximum of 40 hours to deploy the system in the client’s operation.

Frost & Sullivan is of the opinion that innovative solutions, such as OneView, often require a number of test cases before they gain wide acceptance in the market. Nebula’s remarkable client track record—50% of the top 6 global auditing firms, 80% of the top 5 South African petrochemical firms, and 60% of the top 5 JSE-listed banking firms, among others—is testament to this marker being surpassed.

OneView’s “vendor-agnostic nature, analytical depth, digitalisation enablement, and fast implementation time” make it a product leader and Nebula’s strong overall performance has made it a worthy recipient of the Frost & Sullivan award.