Nedbank delivers a zero monthly fee account for students that can be opened in under 5 minutes on the Nedbank MoneyApp

Jan 28th, 2019

While the vast majority of South Africans are feeling the financial pressures of challenging economic times, there’s one group of people who are typically hit very hard by money difficulties – students.

As part of its ongoing commitment to providing financial and banking solutions that help all South Africans live their best lives, Nedbank has created a unique offering that’s specifically aimed at helping SA students manage their money and maximise their lifestyles.  It is called Unlocked.ME.

Unlocked.ME offers students a bank account with zero monthly maintenance fees – a first for students in South Africa. If the student doesn’t withdraw cash and only uses their card to buy items, they can bank for free.  The account can be opened in less than 5 minutes from the Nedbank MoneyApp, with no paperwork and no signature required.

Mutsa Chironga, Managing Executive for Consumer Banking at Nedbank, points out that the Unlocked.ME proposition goes much further.  “We developed Unlocked.ME as a way of partnering with SA’s youth to help them realise their potential to live full, exciting and rewarding lives”, he explains.  “The account gives young people access to an array of lifestyle deals – for example up to 50% off laptops, and access to deals on the latest fashion and technology.  With an Unlocked.ME account, students can also enjoy benefits such as 100mb of data, food vouchers at outlets such as Debonairs and Nandos, including Taxify vouchers.”

Chironga continues, “in addition, we are passionate about helping students unlock their full career potential. We provide access to personalised, digital career advice based on the student’s matric results; and they can search up to 500 jobs online from a job portal specially designed for them.  In short, we want to help students unlock their money, their lifestyle, AND their full potential”.

“At Nedbank, we believe that the last thing our nation’s students need is to be distracted from their studies by concerns about their day-to-day finances, or their future career prospects,” Chironga elaborates, “which is why we created Unlocked.ME to help them access the tools they need to hone their money management skills, while at the same time getting more out of life and making the most of their futures.”