Many businesses underestimate the importance of environmental monitoring when it comes to an IT computer room, data centre or other valuable IT assets and facilities, but without environmental monitoring, they risk the damage of expensive assets and the loss of data and intellectual property.

In addition to this, the protection of personal assets at home is just as important and there is nothing worse than the nagging feeling that a door has been left unlocked or an oven has been left on.

Netshield South Africa has developed the Nviromon range; the Nviromon-1 S, Naccumon, Nviromon Lite and Monone software. Each device enables users to remotely monitor and manage their environments in various applications from home to office.

The Nviromon enables remote management of server rooms, entire business networks or even remote renewable energy sites, from a single management console and a single device. It can remotely open and close gates, serve as an alarm system when connected to movement sensors and sirens and inform users of power outages as well as other environmental threats outages through an SMS or email.

“Environmental monitoring is vital because computer and network equipment is only designed to operate effectively within a specified range of environmental conditions. And in a personal capacity it serves as peace of mind in our security-conscious country because you will know instantly if someone is in your home or if you have left a gate or door open,” says Inus Dreckmeyr, CEO at Netshield.

“This hardware and software solution is perfect for the modern user-on-the-move because it allows easy remote monitoring of environmental conditions from anywhere on the globe.”

This device has the unique ability to monitor and control the conditions inside a room, detecting whether it is too cold, too hot, too wet or if there are any unwanted gases or a fire – from one device, whereas many suppliers would require a device for each application.

With the Nviromon users can detect and proactively react to power outages, dictate who has access to specific environments, seamlessly add a security camera to their environment and even have a visual of who is entering their environment.

“With its small form factor, multiple monitoring tools and ability to integrate seamlessly with existing environments, the Nviromon is the ideal device for customers who are serious about environmental monitoring across multiple applications,” says Dreckmeyr.