Turn your idea into a product with Netshield SA’s specialist team of qualified engineers

Netshield, a WestconGroup Southern Africa business, provides special development for local businesses, giving them the tools and skills required to transform an idea into a tangible, innovative and working business solution. Drawing from its pool of highly-skilled and qualified engineers from myriad backgrounds, the Netshield team works with customers to develop bespoke solutions based on a customer’s express business challenge. The team transforms ideas by assisting with the development, design, and architecture of each.

“One technology solution simply cannot meet the requirements of every customer. To this end, there are also customers that have a great idea that they want to put into action, but cookie cutter systems and application don’t allow them the flexibility they need in order to innovate,” says Inus Dreckmeyr, CEO at Netshield SA. “It is with this that we created the Netshield South Africa Special Development division. While yes, companies do want to standardise on processes, they still need flexibility in execution.

“Special development at Netshield is about creating a unique product to solve a unique problem. We try and resolve customer’s business issues, we sit down with them, draft an idea according to their specifications and once that’s approved we move on to making the actual business solution. Our team works on a host of solutions, from hardware to software, applications to mechanical design, virtually anything really. Our approach is to adhere to standard where appropriate, but to bring the innovative thinking of our clients to life,” adds Dreckmeyr.

Working with your team, Netshield can identify the functionality and specifications you require from a product, and is able to turn this into an industry specific solution that caters for the market you operate in, your specific business processes and needs, and that melds seamlessly into your existing solutions if the need arises.

Some examples of what the Netshield Special Development team has worked on include specialised access control systems for data cabinets and tailored power management solutions for clients. In the mining sector the team, backed by the idea engine of Willbatt, created the Lamproomman Management System. This system controls and monitors which miner enters a controlled area, when, and at what time, whether miners are equipped with all the necessary safety equipment and are in possession of a cap lamp, as well as ensures that there are no unauthorised entries into the mine.

“The Lamproomman system is essentially about creating a safe and healthy working environment in a mine. So it ensures that all miners that entered are safely out of the mine before a blast or after a shift and ensures every miner that enters is wearing the correct safety attire. Then is it also capable of providing time and attendance records of all entries and exits, and managing stock and maintenance cycles of equipment,” says Dreckmeyr.

“We have a number of areas of expertise; one such speciality is working with self-contained cabinets, where each one is then adjusted to a customer’s specifications. Many of the solutions we work on are commercially viable for the customer to then sell if they see a market for it.

“Key markets where we have seen a lot of success include the mining and government sectors – both of which are environments that need specific solutions for specific needs. The beauty of special development is that it pushes the boundaries of what we think is available off the shelf, what we would like to see in our environment, and it lays a path for us to be able to create solutions to problems that may seem overwhelming,” says Dreckmeyr.

Some of the areas that Netshield has developed special solutions for thus far include:

  • Remote environmental monitoring/control systems
  • Self-sustainable cabinets
  • Surge protection
  • RFID tracking – keeping track of your assets
  • Noise management and control
  • Vehicle management and control
  • Flame proof LED lights and intrinsic safe 5V Power Supply
  • Fuel management
  • TyreCop
  • Weather station
  • Protection of Cargo in Transit-Cell Lock
  • APN Case – remote wireless access

“By choosing Netshield as your partner, you can turn a simple idea into a working solution for business by harnessing the skills and knowledge of our engineers. No matter what industry or field you work in, we are willing to take on the challenge of helping you turn your idea into a product,” ends Dreckmeyr.