The Simple GSM Power Monitor PH1 from Netshield

The recent launch of the Simple GSM Power Monitor PH1 from Netshield, a WestconGroup Southern Africa business, brings local households and businesses a remote power-monitoring solution that could save them thousands, if not millions of rands in financial losses due to power outages, according to Netshield South Africa CEO Inus Dreckmeyr.

“Power trips, loadshedding, storms, inadequate general maintenance and bad maintenance of poles are some of the reasons why your power could go out and there are plenty of reasons why monitoring power is a good idea,” says Dreckmeyr.

“If you’re away on holiday, I’m sure you don’t want to worry about returning to a fridge or freezer full of off food, and if you are a business owner, for example, a shop owner with large freezers or a restaurant owner, knowing about a power trip could save you a lot of money. Farmers that pump water using electricity need to know that the process is running smoothly and hairdressers would greatly benefit from knowing about a power outage before it happens. This solution has many applications in businesses and consumer households.”

A user need simply add a SIM card to the unit, SMS the number where notification should be sent, plug the unit into any power plug and it will then monitor the premises’ mains power. Notifications about the status of power are sent straight to the user’s cellphone via SMS and the unit can send SMS-based status reports at the users’ request.

In addition, the Simple GSM Power Monitor has front-mounted LED indicators to show network and functional statuses. The red LED signals a weak GSM signal or power failure, the yellow signals when the battery is charging and when it is fully charged as well as if the battery is not present or is faulty. The green LED is the diagnostic indicator and the white is the GSM indicator.

Features of the unit also include an integrated South African three pin plug, utility mains power detector (single phase), GSM unit with a Micro SIM socket that is externally accessible, an internal GSM Antenna, and an internal Lithium-ion polymer rechargeable backup battery and charger. The unit has a simple and quick setup procedure.

The unit’s specifications include:

  • Minimum input voltage: 85VAC. (Battery will operate below this voltage)
  • Maximum input voltage: 264VAC.
  • Dimensions: 95mm x 58mm x 54mm (LxBxH).
  • Operating temperature: -40 to +85 Degrees Celsius.
  • The mains power will detect as OFF when below +- 46VAC.

“This unit will help you to know your power and knowing your power goes beyond pure convenience. It helps you with preparation for or quick recovery from an outage, which in turn means that you could avoid disaster in your world, whether that disaster is that you can’t shower, or that you need to keep millions of rands worth of food goods fresh. And available at an affordable price, this investment is worth it,” says Dreckmeyr.