Inus Dreckmeyr

Power surges and electrical spikes present a substantial risk to electrical devices, and when the devices in question are components of your data centre or server room, that risk falls squarely in the ‘unacceptable’ category. Directly alongside surges, and in the same category, are environmental risks to the welfare of your equipment.

Solutions to protect IT equipment abound, but when it comes to finding robust products that are equal to the unique challenges of the South African landscape, the good news is that you needn’t look further than your own backyard.

Netshield a home-grown South African company that specialises in electronic, mechanical, instrumentation, optical and technological research and development. Among the company’s products is a proven range of some of the best remote power management and surge protection products on earth, including two newly launched products that fit neatly into your server room cabinet to offer matchless protection for your IT equipment, right where you need it the most.

The new Netshield equipment cabinet controller models are the NLMNDBNT1P-3U32A and NLMNDBNT1P-3U15A remote environmental management and surge protection combination units, and according to Netshield CEO Inus Dreckmeyr, you’ll search far and wide to find more versatile units.

“These products are the tangible results of a decades-long evolution of best-in-class power surge, power management and environmental monitoring devices from the Netshield stable. They have been independently tested and approved by a certified certification laboratory, robustly designed and built, and combine the best features of our environmental monitoring units, and surge protection products in a combo unit,” said Dreckmeyr.

The new products boasts vast functionality, included among which are such superior features as:

  • Three-stage surge protector – monitored with automatic switchover.
  • Air conditioners are powered directly to VAC power through 2 x 16Amp power Class 1 Energy metered power sockets.
  • Network termination units power are fed through the UPS to 2 x 16Amp power sockets.
  • Manual and remote unit mains ON/OFF – with reporting and set via SNMP/SMS.
  • Two wired temperature sensors are included and can expandable to six units – with error reporting via SNMP/IoT/Cloud and Mail alerts.
  • Two flooding/leak detection (water) sensors included – with error reporting via SNMP/IoT/Cloud and Mail alerts.
  • Surge count and power metering and monitoring with under/over voltage, current and consumption alarms, and setup – with error reporting via SNMP/IoT/Cloud and Mail alerts.
  • SNMP/GSM configurable non-volatile stored E – COC (earthing) certificate of compliance number entry – LCD displayed.
  • Optional GSM Modem with conditional SMS configuration of variable information like IP addressing and automatic network addressing setup.
  • Dual PDUs are rear panel mounted with metering and remote switchable C13/C19 female connectors.
  • A PDU expansion C19 Connector is also available on the rear panel. to expand to a choice of RS485 controlled optional PDUs.

“Power surge and environmental monitoring are two of the foremost concerns of any data centre or server room manager, and these new units combine these monitoring and control functions in a single package that saves on cabinet rack-space without skimping on functionality,” said Dreckmeyr.

To learn more about these new Netshield products and the individual features of each, and how that distinguishes them what is currently available on the market, visit or call +27(0) 86 111 4428.