Companies can enjoy complete control of their datacentre, server or control room environments with the Netshield NVIROMON-ULTI-1S Intelligent IoT-enabled environmental monitoring and control gateway. Once installed, the unit provides managers and administrators full visibility of access control, environmental factors, fire hazards, power management and more.

With the intelligence built into the unit, a host of sensors can be added to the gateway, the management layer on the unit will then control local events as well as relay information around events, via either IoT-based of SNMP protocols to a customer’s IoT cloud or on-premise servers for real-time or later analysis.

“Your infrastructure assets house your data assets, making the environment that houses them one of the most business-critical aspects of your business. Being able to guard the door and having a camera for surveillance – is simply not enough – you need a bird’s eye view of the environment at all times,” states Inus Dreckmeyr, CEO at Netshield South Africa.

“Our intelligent IoT-enabled environmental and control gateways provide customers with full visibility and control of even those factors that are out of our control. And as you can add a multitude of sensors to the gateway, you can monitor more than just who is opening and closing a door.”

Environmental monitoring on the Netshield NVIROMON-ULTI-1S includes conditions such as temperature, humidity and flooding. With the option to prevent against fire, you can also deploy smoke / heat sensors and controls with a solid-state fire extinguisher in your environment. By setting predetermined parameters for these, the system will intelligently act on your behalf if you aren’t present at the time of an event or disaster.

Intelligent access control is now also possible, and the unit monitors and controls multiple door access to your server room or building. Your admin staff will now have complete visibility of people trying to gain entry via connected access controllers and video cameras, these automatically reference connected databases and grant access to individuals based on pre-determined permissions. Should someone try and gain unauthorised entry – the system will dynamically alert a manager.

Other notable sensors that can be added to the gateway include, chemical, petrochemical, and biometric sensors. The unit can also be easily expanded should you need to add more than 150 sensors to the environment.

The unit will also control and manage the duty or time cycles of the air conditioners in the environment, referencing this back to your temperature controls. This in turn will ensure that the right temperatures are met and that you aren’t unnecessarily running aircons when not needed. With its power monitoring module, you have full control of all power systems, including surge protection, UPSes, generators and energy meters. This allows you to track power and ensure failover kicks in, in the event of the loss of power.

“The true intelligence these gateways provide is full visibility and control of the environment, putting you in the know. You never have to close the door on your datacentre and wonder what is happening inside ever again. You set the severity of events and then define a critical, major or trivial alert to each one of these events as well as define how you want the alert delivered, via email or SMS and who exactly they need to be sent to.

“As this is a 100% IoT-enabled gateway you can add pods to accommodate up to 150 wired and/or wireless environmental sensors. In short, with the NVIROMON-ULTI-1S you take back control of your server rooms and gain an environment that will intelligently respond to alerts and events in a way best suited to your business and administration needs,” ends Dreckmeyr.