Customers tired of hearing about how IoT, the cloud, renewable energy and connectivity products are going to change their business, but aren’t provided the evidence to support these statements can now call on Netshield South Africa for practical examples.

According to Netshield the company has been inundated with requests from customers to provide them with working examples of how its technology solutions are driving business transformation.

As a result, it has reimagined its digital footprint to ensure that it speaks to actual use cases and not just covers mega trends shaping the industry, one example is the list of working case studies now on the website.

“The IT industry is fixated on talking to megatrends and trying to fit solutions around the concept of IoT or cloud, with little explanation of the mechanics behind how the actual application of the technology works,” states Inus Dreckmeyr, CEO at Netshield South Africa. “It is easier to throw terms like AI into a conversation than it is to prove if it works. Which is why we have taken a step back and built out a series of use cases for customers looking to unpack the true business benefit of a technology as well as to create an understanding of how it can be applied in a business.”

Netshield’s team of developers have been leading innovation in bespoke solution and application development for 25 years and were one of the first local companies to build working IoT solutions for its clients nearly 15 years ago.

With its vast knowledge it is now working with customers to unravel the noise behind “it could” and change the message to “we can” and “this is how”.

A shift in thinking, which Dreckmeyr says is much needed by an industry that is paralysing its IT teams by trying to woo C-Level executives with the promise of digital transformation, but not substantiating the claims behind this.

The new Netshield approach can be seen on its website, whereas opposed to just driving product messaging, it is creating what it aims to make a resource repository for users needed to prove the use of a product or solution in their environment.

Navigating through its case studies a customer will be able to view granular use cases of its Actsafe vehicle management and control, air conditioning duty cycling, its APN Case – remote wireless access, how Cell Lock can protect cargo in transit, the Data Centre in a Box, remote management and control for renewable energy systems, a guide to understanding Netshield IoT building blocks, right through to managing weather stations, managing noise exposure and its Lamproom Manager.

Many are substantiated with a video, mapped out in a diagram, and supported by a practical example.

“The Netshield team are ourselves engineers, and while it is easy to caught up in the hype of new technology trends, we understand exactly what it means to implement them. Which is why we are taking an almost back to basics approach when packaging our offerings. Our clients are tired of navigating through websites that speak to an idea and not a solution, that have broken links or take hours to get to what they need. As much as we as an industry are trying to simplify IT for our users, we also need to simplify our digital engagement and stop speaking above our customers. We hope to achieve just that with our new digital real estate,” ends Dreckmeyr.

Today Netshield’s portfolio extends a series of bespoke, OEM and vendor-related solutions that cover ethernet connectivity; IoT remote management and control; cabinets and accessories; surge protection, power and UPSs as well as smart and renewable power solutions.

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