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Network Platforms, service-driven ICT solutions provider, has launched a bundle that provides customers with both licensed microwave and fibre connectivity without the delays or the price tag. Reliable, scalable and easily adapted to suit specific client capacity requirements, it delivers high-quality connectivity, a rich feature set and enhanced security.

The uptake of fibre services and the ability to deliver fibre to most locations has resulted in one major downfall – lead time to implementation. Wayleave approval can delay the process and the time spent waiting can have a negative impact on business growth and investment. Network Platforms saw the opportunity to address this challenge by introducing a bundle that offers both a fibre and a wireless licensed connection. The latter can be connected and in use by clients within a few weeks, providing high-quality connectivity on microwave for the short term and shifting the Microwave connection as a back-up link once the fibre connection is implemented.

The microwave connection gives the organisation the bandwidth required for local and cloud-based services until the fibre connection becomes available. Once fibre has been implemented, the microwave element of the bundle then becomes the backup with automatic failover in the event of a network failure.

Gavin Epstein, Sales Executive at Network Platforms says: “This blended bundle of fibre and microwave ensures client connectivity to the cloud at all times and is a very important requirement for the modern business. Many organisations remain cautious of a cloud infrastructure investment due to concerns around connectivity and network instability. With our solution, there is always a powerful backup in play that will keep everything running smoothly.”

When using the microwave system as a failover link, the bandwidth backhaul to the datacentre is not in use and its secondary status means that Network Platforms can keep the costs down.

“The added benefit when using our bundle alongside the Network Platforms Enterprise Cloud infrastructure is that we can bill access to the cloud separately to internet access and save on costs,” says Epstein. “For example, if the client has 100MB link but only requires 50MB internet capacity, they will have 100MB to access Cloud services hosted in the Network Platforms infrastructure .. This level of adaptability makes a big difference to the bottom line, as client will have a larger capacity to access the Cloud services and reduced costs on the internet breakout with the added benefit of redundancy with the inclusion of a Wireless failover link.”

Win-win situation

In addition to the failover structure, Network Platforms monitors the links to ensure they are running smoothly and keeps a close eye on bandwidth usage. If a connection fails or flat-lines, the company is notified and investigates immediately.

“We have introduced a web interface with a graphical display which gives clients visibility over the bandwidth usage and uptime,” says Epstein. “Every detail across both the fibre and microwave connections is attended to and our clients are assured of seamless connectivity and the freedom to invest in the cloud.”

The Network Platforms connectivity bundle provides an option for traffic monitoring and management, a web interface and targeted bandwidth allocation to specific applications or users. It hands the South African organisation the confidence to invest in cloud solutions and architecture with reliable connectivity and performance.