Gavin Epstein, Network Platforms Sales Executive

Network Platforms, service-driven ICT solutions provider, gives organisations secure peace of mind with the NPSecure Management System. This single, configurable, web-based management tool remotely secures devices across the enterprise, including those owned by employees. Its rich feature set assures of compliance with the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) regulations alongside a high level of protection, encryption capabilities and auditing and reporting functionalities.

“Today POPI compliance is vital as the consequences for both business and individual can be devastating. Penalties from the Information Regulator could potentially include a Civil Class Action suit, a fine up to R10 million or a 10 year jail sentence and, of course, loss of reputation and clients,” says Gavin Epstein, Sales Executive at Network Platforms. “The Act requires that any organisation which collects personal data inform the individuals concerned as to why it is being used and ensure that it is stored in a secure environment.”

The personal information covered by the POPI umbrella includes any data that can identify a person and covers race, gender, age, education, medical history, financial history and employment details. Any suspected breach or risk has to be reported to both the Information Regulator and the individual whose data was exposed and will undergo deeper investigation.

“The organisation needs to focus on key areas which will allow for deeper control over data and ensure adherence to the Act. These include security, storage, business processes and accountability,” explains Epstein. “NPSecure has been designed to deliver on each of these areas through rich security protocols, cloud-based management tools and a rich auditing and reporting functionality.”

Protect and Secure

NPSecure is a practical solution that enables compliance with POPI law. Personal information is protected across mobile devices, laptops, PCs, Macs and USB drives and can be encrypted remotely to ensure absolute security. Devices can be monitored as required and data can be quarantined or deleted to prevent exposure.

“Our cloud-based management tool opens up a secure space where the organisation can comfortably work with, and protect, information,” says Epstein. “It has been designed to fit into any environment, mapping back to specific business requirements while remaining in line with POPI law. POPI allows for the use of cloud-based solutions to store and protect data –  it is an effective way of protecting personal information as it is no longer stored on a physical device that can fall into the wrong hands. It also provides for richer encryption and security protocols in line with the POPI regulations”

The Network Platforms NPSecure solution is flexible and affordable, has a low impact on users and their devices and offers both business and individuals secure peace of mind. The intelligent engine works seamlessly alongside existing native technology and encryption systems and provides instant management of specific devices from a central management console.

“NPSecure can be used on both personal and business devices and is easy configured to achieve tasks such as remote authentication or quarantining suspect files,” concludes Epstein. “In a climate where cybercrime is on a steady upward trajectory and becoming increasingly sophisticated and collaborative, the organisation is under pressure to protect and perform. With NPSecure they can tick more than one box under the POPI remit and breathe a secure sigh of relief.”