Sadiba O-Tel Eastern Cape, a Telecom Service Provider appointed by O-Tel to service Port Elizabeth and surrounding areas, today announced that its market share of the Digital Telecom provision has risen to greater than 10% in the first quarter of 2010 from roughly 5% in the same period of 2009.

The market data are based on a newly published in-house market study, and include conversions of incumbent Analog telephony to O-Tel’s Digital Voice network. During the same period Premi-Cell based routing lost market share, and Sadiba O-Tel Eastern Cape firmly cemented their presence in the area by establishing and deploying their wireless network providing the client with a stable and fast Last Mile Connectivity.

“Sadiba O-Tel Eastern Cape’s level of commitment to innovation and superior service has been instrumental in the company’s success to date. Further, the growth in Eastern Cape’s tourism, corporate, medical, education, finance and government sectors is driving the deployment of wireless LAN networks across the region,” stated Ian Mirk, Director of Sadiba O-Tel Eastern Cape.

“Hospitals and logistics organizations are also benefiting from wireless solutions, in fact most of Port Elizabeth’s influential enterprises have expressed interest in shifting over to our Digital Network” he added.

Mr Mirk went on saying that “Enterprises in the region benefit from wireless technology to increase productivity and reduce operational cost. New digital applications are key drivers for the growth of the wireless market demand by users, and we believe the increasing level of security is making customers more comfortable at deploying and using WIFI technology everywhere. Sadiba O-Tel Eastern Cape is helping to make the dream of a reliable, high quality and low cost telecom connectivity come true.”

Sadiba O-Tel Eastern Cape’s user-centric networks integrate adaptive wireless LANs, Carrier grade reliability, Voice QOS and high speed internet into a cohesive, high-performance system that securely delivers the digital telephony to users, wherever the clients’ office is based.

By extending the enterprise to reach all users without compromising Quality of Service, cost or convenience, Sadiba O-Tel Eastern Cape has redefined Digital Telecoms with respect to how enterprises operate and has realigned the clients old analogue telecom infrastructure into a full digital telecom solution thus saving cost, increasing productivity, and keeping up with the fast moving world of technology, all with the major advantage of dealing with a Sadiba O-Tel Representative face-to-face .

Sadiba O-Tel Eastern Cape is a well-established member of the Port Elizabeth business community and has achieved rapid growth in 5 years of operating in the Eastern Cape. It’s success has undoubtedly acquired the trust from the Enterprises based in Eastern Cape.

“O-Tel Telecom has been a leading innovator in the wireless LAN market, and we have been rewarded with strong growth in our customer base, revenue, and nationwide market share,” said Mohammad Patel, CEO of O-Tel Africa. “It is clear that the enterprise wireless LAN market nationwide is becoming a two horse race as we continue to gain market share at the expense of incumbents and struggling small suppliers.”

With regard to awaiting the Licensed Spectrum Allocation by ICASA for over a year, during which O-Tel Telecom announced a significant increase in revenue, Patel stated, “We do not believe that awaiting ICASA for the spectrum allocation has affected our growth or momentum in deploying our wireless network nationwide based on License Free equipment. We will most likely use the Licensed Spectrum for our backhaul, as CPE hardware on free spectrum is considerably cheaper, hence allowing us to sign on a larger base of clients more rapidly.”

According to Ian Mirk, “Sadiba O-Tel Eastern Cape’s operation believes in excellent customer satisfaction, which is why we are committed to employing the region’s most qualified and skilled digital telephony and wireless professionals.”

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