O-Tel Telecoms, a leading Licensed National Telecom Service Provider, announced today its expansion to 4 cities across South Africa. The newest of O-Tel’s 17 offices are located in Bloemfontein, George servicing Southern Cape, Cape Town, and Mafeking servicing North West. The establishing of office presence and wireless networks in these cities will allow O-Tel to provide thousands of businesses and residents with access to digital telephony and fast internet access within a short period of time.

“With coverage in major business centres in Western Cape, Southern Cape, Free State and North West, establishing a wireless coverage helps O-Tel Telecoms reach their target audience faster and more efficiently,” says Mohammad Patel, CEO of O-Tel Telecoms. “Wherever your business is located, our digital telephony and internet services will connect you to the world, faster and better where the previous incumbent failed to do.”

O-Tel Telecoms new offices were necessary due to growth in these areas. They have a wireless network covering 85% of Klein Karoo, and 70% of Cape Town and surrounding areas. Bloemfontein and North West networks are under deployment and should go live in a short couple of months. Due to high demand, both O-Tel LiTe and Premium services will be offered in Cape Town and Bloemfontein, whilst only the O-Tel Premium Service will be offered in North West and Southern Cape. More info on O-Tels services can be found on their website.

The establishment in these locations are strategic and well timed to coincide with ICASA’s Spectrum Auction where O-Tel intends to participate. ICASA requires that 50% of the population be covered within a short space of two years. O-Tel’s coverage which currently includes East Rand, Midvaal, Newcastle, Nelspruit, Port Elizabeth, Southern Cape, Western Cape, Johannesburg, and parts of Pretoria, is very well placed to attain this target. The other qualifying requirement of 30% HDI is well under way.

“Every O-Tel Coverage area has the latest security, power, and hardware configurations to meet the areas needs.” says Anton Engelbrecht, Managing Direct of B-Tac Communications, the partner who has been mandated to service the Free State. “We are dedicated to providing our clients an easy passage in the transition from analog to digital telephony.”

Ryan Hartman, Director of Hymax North West adds “For decades our area has been overlooked due to low numbers. O-Tel intends to change the landscape of Digital Telephony and Internet access in the North West. We are investing much capital in infrastructure to ensure that our clients receive excellent coverage, world class technology at competitive prices and unmatched high standards of pre and after-sales service to back it up.”

Jan Oosthuizen, CEO of e-Time, the leading Wireless Internet Service Provider in George is very excited at the newly founded partnership between his company and O-Tel Telecom. “We’re raring to go live. The Southern Cape businesses and residents are eager to sign up!. The new service on offer certainly brings much excitement and renewed enthusiasm towards new technology. The biggest advantage is that now we can offer crystal clear Telephony and fast internet services to areas where the incumbents have failed to provide. The new Golf and Residential Estate developments have shown keen interest in choosing O-Tel’s service as their preferred Telecommunications provider.

“The added coverage provides the enterprise with cost savings and increase in productivity without the need of doing business with multiple vendors. O-Tel offers a full complete telecom and internet solution in-house without the reliance on 3rd Party incumbents.” concludes Patel. “If you would like to optimize your Telecom infrastructure for your present needs and future growth, O-Tel’s team of professionals are here to help.”