New carrier grade switches helps O-TEL cope with Surging VoIP traffic volumes after launching Private Label Services to the ISP, WISP, ITSP, IT Companies and investors with dozens of applications daily.

O-Tel Telecom today announced that their Gauteng VoIP Exchange, one of their fastest growing VoIP Exchange Points (VXPs) in South Africa, has upgraded its infrastructure adding processing power, memory and storage capacity as reseller growth continues unabated, and demand for higher switch capacity increases.

To meet the growing demand, due to sharply rising VoIP traffic volume, O-TEL installed upgraded switches, along with additional wireless transit stations. The equipment was installed in May, but gone LIVE in July after its testing phases.

O-TEL is a Licensed VoIP infrastructure provider offering cost effective and automated Unified Communications services to the IT industry as a Private Label solution. Many potential reseller companies understand the value in offering VoIP services to their clients, but are also aware that they do not have the expertise or interest to invest the required time or capital in building a VoIP business from the ground up.

A private label reseller offering is ideal for companies such as IT Service Providers, WISP’s, ISPs, GSM LCR dealers, and PBX Installers because of their strong, loyal client base and broad service portfolio. Many times clients of these companies are willing to pay a premium for their services, because they know and trust these providers.

Now in its second year of operation, O-TEL was founded before the Altech group won the historic court battle with SA Telecom Regulator ICASA to allow VANS to Self Provide and build their own networks. Since parting ways in 2009 with O-Tel’s holding company after a sixteen year relationship, O-Tel has made great strides in gaining market share and establishing itself as the fastest growing Licensed National Telecom Operator in South Africa, with coverage in most of the major cities such as Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg, Newcastle, Mafeking, Nelspruit, Bloemfontein, George, and some others. New areas are being covered on a monthly basis.

After launching the Private Label Reseller Programme, dozens of new resellers have joined during the 2 months, and 33 new applications have already been received for partnership and are under review. There is growth coming from operators all over the country whom are interested in using O-Tel’s “VoIP over ADSL via IPC” facility and Wireless Backhaul connection. The volume of nationwide VoIP traffic handled has therefore ballooned very quickly as the new resellers consisting of mainly IT Service providers and PBX installers required almost no training in setting up router like VoIP gateways, IP Phones and IP-PBX’s, hence getting the client online within a short transition period. O-Tel believes this boost is due to the now fallen GSM LCR market (aka Premi-Cell).

Mohammad Patel, O-TEL’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “If it was not for our European infrastructure partners, O-Tel would not have managed to handle this growth in a quick, efficient and stable way. The experience they have in VoIP Infrastructure is of great value to O-Tel. We appreciate their partnership which keeps O-Tel abreast of its competitors as the technology and automation we use is considerably more advanced.”

O-Tel recently launched its reseller and Private Label Service, which boasts second to none VoIP Carrier Class infrastructure. WISPs, ITSPs, ISPs, PBX SPs and IT firms can subscribe to the service online and be active within 5 minutes! VoIP Control Panel, Airtime Purchase, and Billing facilities are all “Cloud” based and online, active and usable 24/7/365. VoIP backhaul is possible via Wireless ‘hop-on” Facility or ADSL client dedicated IPC for clear voice. The service is first of its kind in South Africa.

Patel continued: “As existing members grow and more resellers join, we need more capacity. Our Value Added Services such as Voicemail, Callback, Call Recording, and Fax will be launched soon. We’re expecting many more signups as we will offer a service far superior comparing to other services offered in the industry. The other O-Tel exchanges around the country will be upgraded soon as they are reaching capacity too. ”

Further information is listed on the O-Tel Website at