O-Tel Telecom Saves the Day by Providing the LCR Dealer with a Working, Profitable and Ready-to-Deploy Solution to Replace the Premi-Cell

O-Tel Telecom today announced the launch of a new set of LCR packages, a strategically designed service targeted to the LCR dealers whom have been facing many unpleasant situations of non-contract renewal in the past few months.

Since the inter-connect rate drop, incumbent Cell operators have been re-strategising their service offering to the LCR dealer. Until now, they have not found a solution. The final nail was hit in the coffin late in July when operators cancelled some of their popular LCR products, dropping their dealer ‘like a Hot Potato’.

Companies who have established a successful business model over the past decade based on the LCR CIB and Commission system devised from the operators found themselves thrown in the middle of the ocean with no direction which way to swim to shore. Many have begun retrenching staff, downsizing its fleet, technical and sales teams. Some have mortgages on new office building, and have incurred massive debt through credit obtained from the strength of their (now depleting) recurring commission income.

Many have knocked on O-Tel’s door, prompting management to look into a package which would save the day. LCR Dealers were mainly worried about not being able to renew their clients contract, as PremiCell based LCR is no longer financially viable. Another concern was of the operator (or service provider) invoicing the client directly, thus causing the dealers business not to grow by turnover. The dealers did not want to enter into same business model. They preferred to now bill the client directly as to secure their clients and keep them close in their own books.

With some investment and changes to the billing facility, Licensed National Telecom Service Operator, O-Tel, can now offer the LCR dealer the perfect tailored solution.

The ‘pure per second’ based packages offer the LCR dealer with full facilities to create, maintain, suspend, and bill their own clients. They can create their own Charge Plans, allowing customization depending on the customer needs.

Mohammad Patel, CEO of O-Tel Telecoms comments: “The rates are volume based, so the dealer will not wait for a commission cheque. They will be making profit LIVE per day. The more volume the dealer pushes out, the more profit. We keep business simple and allow for the dealer to now begin really growing his base and business net-worth”

O-Tel has a nationwide presence. Besides it’s multiple exchanges, O-Tel possesses much experience and infrastructure in Last Mile Connections.

LCR Dealers will have access to Automated Billing and Online Service portals where they have the convenience of maintaining their accounts from an internet connection anywhere in the world.

“The setup is easy, you sign up online from our website and you purchase some airtime. You’re up and running within minutes. Tutorial videos show how to create the clients. We have approved hardware vendors who will be able to supply PBX compliant Analog to Digital Telephony adaptors.” adds Patel.

For more information, please visit http://otelafrica.com and contact O-Tel.